Why Choose Odoo CMS For The Website

Odoo is really a fully web-based application that gives multi user management supporting with no hurdle. It is among the best free platforms having a suite of economic apps. A properly integrated Odoo system can help you streamline your company activities with standardized solutions. Together with apps for a number of business functions, Odoo also offers a CMS option using which companies could make customer facing websites. But Odoo CMS is facing formidable competitors within the CMS space by means of WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, the 3 leading CMS platforms.

Getting stated that, Odoo has something which other standalone CMS platforms do not have – the opportunity to natively integrate along with other business systems like CRM, accounting, inventory management, logistics management, etc. Because Odoo is definitely an ERP suite composed of numerous other business apps, it’s inside a unique position to leverage that because of its CMS for companies searching to possess not only an info distribution website and searching for any front facing website for that various business applications and systems.

Let us take a look at a few of these places that Odoo CMS has got the advantage.

  • Easy Inventory Management

Let say you need to display the stock accessibility to your product or service in your website for the dealers and distributors, that can be done easily with Odoo while using inventory management module. You may also track inventory inside a real-time manner using gadgets like cell phone or tablet, in which to stay control from remote places.

  • Better HR Management

Because Odoo CMS is integrated natively using the HR module of Odoo suite, vacancy related details can get instantly updated online. Having a separate worker login online you are able to update them regarding their leaves, evaluation, holidays, etc without getting to custom create a separate module for this.

  • Native eCommerce Abilities

If you wish to add a web-based store aimed at your website, you are able to again achieve this easily using the native Odoo eCommerce module. Though other CMSs also provide eCommerce options now, they aren’t too integrated along with other business systems as Odoo. With Odoo all of your sales information is going to be integrated with sales modules, revenue is going to be tracked within the accounting module and customer details could be managed easily using the Odoo CRM application.

  • In-Built Marketing Abilities

With Odoo you are able to conduct surveys and employ survey data inside your customer interaction, do e-mail marketing natively and supply customer service online through in-built live chat functionality. You may also create occasions, update event details online and market your event through integrated emailing abilities.

  • Better Community Management

Desire a Q&A platform like Quora or Yahoo Solutions in your website? You should use Odoo community module to produce this type of platform easily. You can include as numerous users as you possibly can and make up a thriving community of supporters where one can address their issues or simply permit them to create their very own content. All you could do free of charge with Odoo.