What’s Better: Clickfunnels Vs Leadpages

Thriving and succeeding on the Internet is becoming competitive day by day with the additions of so many websites. Aside from organic SEO (search engine optimization) tactics, you have to employ alternative techniques that will get you leads and sales. This is where tools like Leadpages and Clickfunnels come in handy. Both the tools include some of the best features to help you with online marketing. As such, choosing between these two programs is not easy. If you wish to use any of these two tools, you may want to check out Clickfunnels vs Leadpages comparison as explained below.

Clickfunnels in a nutshell

It is the most comprehensive sales funnel solution that aides businesses in marketing and selling their services and products. Clickfunnels simplifies the process of online marketing by providing a series of pre-built funnels to cater to a range of products and services. No matter what you wish to market, there is a funnel that will suit your marketing goals.

A funnel can have various objectives. For example, you may have one funnel for getting sign-ups of potential prospects. The other funnel may be geared towards getting targeted leads. You may also have a funnel aimed at selling products.

While each of these funnels is important for any business, a sales funnel has a key role in maximizing the profits of your venture. In fact, the success of any venture largely depends on how effectively the sales funnels bring in customers. When it comes to building this sales funnel, Clickfunnels happens to be the best.

Building conventional online funnels warrants a lot of hectic work. You will have to deal with email auto-responders, web hosting, landing pages and many other components that will work together to build a conventional sales funnel. Essentially, Clickfunnels turns this traditional model by providing all the core components for building a sales funnel under one roof.

Funnels come in different types and you have to organize them properly to cater to the targeted audience. For instance, you will need separate funnels for sales, subscriptions, memberships, webinars and others. It is here Clickfunnels come in handy to get your back by offering pre-built funnel templates for each of your funnel channels.

Although the tool is really comprehensive, it comes with a higher price tag. Starter marketers who have limited funds may not find this tool pocket-friendly. Other than that, the program makes a perfect choice for advanced marketers and established businesses.

Leadpages in a nutshell

It is an intuitive, simple drag and drop landing page building software application. With Leadpages, you can easily make sign-up forms and landing pages. What differentiates Leadpages from other landing page builders is it allows you to target your prospects by offering incentives for transforming site visitors into sales or leads effectively.

Leadpages is a wonderful service and provides a lot of options to boost your conversion rates. The key feature of this tool is its ease of usage and simplicity. You could start building your landing pages within a matter of minutes with the drag and drop option. Whether you are searching for a pre-built template or have a design in mind, Leadpages have got you covered with relevant templates and options.

Additionally, Leadpages offer A/B testing (just like Clickfunnels ) so that you can identify any loopholes in your web pages and figure out better performing pages. To sum up, Leadpages is straightforward, actionable and intuitive software that lets anyone with no coding experience to create landing pages that engage and convert. Above all, it comes with a smaller price tag, which makes it ideal for small businesses and starter marketers.

Concluding words

When it relates to attaining online marketing goals, both Leadpages and Clickfunnels work best. However, Clickfunnels is a pretty comprehensive tool with advanced features and comes with a higher price. On the flip side, Leadpages is an affordable solution to starter marketers, but lacks advanced features like Clickfunnels . So compare Clickfunnels and Leadpages and check the functionality of each of these two tools in accordance with your marketing needs to choose the right one.