What Are The Most Invaluable And Economical Ways To Prevent System Hacking?

Cybersecurity isn’t something that comes without efforts from the business end. Besides, the threat of data theft is equally dangerous for a company with as well as without a surveillance system. Reason being, an ill-maintained surveillance system is as much a threat as no surveillance system when it comes to monitoring the company’s network. And did you know that even workspace giants like Google and various other major global banks have fallen prey to hacking? Then imagine, if such firms can be exposed to hacking, what are the odds that might favor your company? Which is why you should take all the necessary precautions to safeguard your business from cyber crimes.

How To Identify If Your Security System Is Hacked?

Before you can learn about the ways to prevent a security breach, you must have the basic idea to find out your if your dvr has been compromised. Follow the leads below to ascertain the cause.

  • Monitor the backdoor password. If it changes to default without the command of people with authority, it indicates that the system has been hacked
  • Monitor if the cameras start changing tilt, unless they are PTZ, without command. Also, cameras emitting a creepy noise may be compromised
  • Keep a tab on the devices used to login in your network system. Any unidentified IP without authorization is a clear sign that the dvr is being handled remotely by an unwanted third party host

How To Prevent Your Surveillance Cameras From Being Hacked?

You might be aware of the remorseful ways in which a company with dvr hacked suffers. So, follow the necessary network protection ways, listed below, to ensure that your security system is of top-notch quality and can blast any hacking attempt.

  1. Do not use a weak or default backdoor password. It will make your dvr an easy target for security breaching. Instead, use professional tools that can encrypt a strong password that hackers will find tough to decode
  2. Proper firewall from elite companies is another way to stop forced entry in your security system. Also, use multi-factor authentication tools and antivirus tools that can identify, warn, and remove malware and viruses before they can steal data or hack into your system
  3. Run bounty so that ethical hackers can scan all the codes of your company to identify bugs. It is the best means to keep your software safe from bug infestation at all times
  4. Try the aid of network testing and software testing services that can sweep all bugs from the network router and the network system
  5. Install multipurpose elite surveillance cameras like the PTZ or Thermal Cameras that can save your company from all kinds of threats