Welcome to the Future of Computers with Touch Screen Monitors

Computers have been part and parcel of our day to day lives for the longest period. Out of all the technological advancements that have taken place till now, one device which no one can survive without is a computer/ desktop. One of the main components of the desktop/computer is its monitor. The monitor does form one of the most important parts of a computer without which the user cannot view anything. Over the years there have been constant developments made on the monitor. Earlier monitors used to be like a square box with a small screen used for viewing. However, with the advancement of technology newer versions of the monitors started developing. The monitors of this generation have HD quality screen which is sleek in design for better viewing. There are even various companies nowadays that design touch monitor. One such company that is well known for manufacturing touch screen monitors goes by the name of GVision.

GVision is one of the companies which are known to manufacturelarge touchscreen monitors. This company has been very well known for manufacturing a variety of desktop and point of sale monitors for its varied customer base. The sizes of the monitors manufactured range from 8 inches to 22 inches. There are other monitors available which are known to have fivewires resistive also known as capacitivetouchscreens. Now let us look into some of the monitors manufactured by the said company including their features.

List of Monitors Manufactured by GVision

  • D15-15” Projected Capacitive Touch Screen Monitor: First in the list of monitors is the D15-15” Projected Touch Screen Monitor. As the name suggests,the monitor comes with a 15-inch TFT LED Screen. Other features include HD resolution with projected capacitive touchscreen and a 10-touch multi-touch feature too.
  • D17-17” Projected Capacitive Touch Screen Monitor: This monitor as the name suggests comes with a 17-inch TFT LED Screen. This monitor is also known to have HD resolution with aprojected capacitive touch screen including a 10-touch multi-touch
  • D19-19” Projected Capacitive Touch Screen Monitor: This monitor is known to come with a 19-inch TFT LED Screen with HD Resolution and Projected capacitive touchscreen. This monitor is also known to have the 10-touch multi-touch
  • L15-15” Resistive Touch Screen Monitor: This particular version of the monitor is considered to be one of the most economical POS monitors manufactured by the company. This monitor is known to have a 5-wire resistive touchscreen with aminimal The monitor also comes with Built-in speakers with Ultra low power consumption.

These are the few of the various types of monitors manufactured by the said company. If a customer is looking to purchase a quality monitor, they should go for this company.