Web Page Built from Scratch or Template based ones?   

People are most times confused when they want to create a website. They struggle with the option of working with a customized web page or with one based on themes.  The choice between designing a default web page or going through with templates should be considered according to your needs, objectives, time available and above all, budget available.

Decisions shape the direction of our business ideas and ventures. When we talk about Web presence, these decisions can have a very strong effect on the results we obtain, after all, the way we present our offer is what invites our potential customers to want to know more.

Let’s see which falls into a better category for us.

Time Factor

A good customized web page design is complex due to the multiple options we have. While we know what tools not to use, even within those that are allowed there are several that meet our expectations in different degrees which are not promising.

From the outset I could tell you to build a Web page from scratch, completely customized, because that gives you the freedom to capture your idea as you have thought. But when we talk about the time needed to set up this, it might not be very encouraging, and that is a very big difference between the two.

And, while designing a customized web page, from scratch, can get very good results , there are cheaper and faster ways to get a good basis for the exposure of our business idea at the little time available. So you can decide to go for templates because of the little amount of time needed to install it and the fact that it can still pull the needed effect on your website or store with greatly designed themes. You can check out Bigcommerce templates for help.

Price Factor

Do you know how much it costs to assemble a customized system of great magnitude? A lot! Having the system pre-built and the templates ready at our disposal without spending much can be very budget friendly. There are also some platforms that offer free templates, however, be careful to select or use free themes and templates because most of them may not give the desired result, so go for templates that really convey your business ideas and are best for your online store.


Building a website from scratch with the help of professional design may be ideal and best for you, but like already stated, the time needed to set it up and the cost of it may not be available at a time, so using templates should be the next easy option to consider. The ideal templates needed should tally well with the kind of business, products you sell. So be sure to choose the right one. You can check out Moodle templates if you run a corporate or learning website.