Ways Technology Has Changed the Food Industry


Technology has continuously developed, so it has created a big impact on the world’s overall advancement. The food industry is no exception to this.


Although developments in technology can be seen in most industries, some develop more slowly than others. One of these industries is the food sector. Compared with others, the food industry is somewhat gradual in applying technological advancements like food safety temperatures. However, despite this, we still can cite notable improvements in this ever-evolving space.


A couple of years ago, food companies were able to deceive consumers by false labeling. This is not possible in the present era because information is easily obtained by consumers. Smartphones and social media websites such as Facebook have made this possible. By surfing the internet, consumers can learn any information or detail they need about certain foods like the pH value of soda, coffee, or milk.

Because of this advancement in technology, food companies have no choice but to be accountable for their products. For some companies, they are forced to remove unhealthy ingredients. Moreover, food manufacturers will need to take into consideration what their customers want so that they can compete with many other brands.


There are also many advantages given by the development of technology in the food industry. Because of technology, scientists are able to easily create new discoveries which help people better understand about food and nutrition. Therefore, scientists had the opportunity to learn about the consequences of eating some foods that the public should know about. In addition, the government also forced the FDA to update foods that are healthy and unhealthy. This resulted in people being more conscious of what they eat. They avoid certain food items that have high sugar content, and they are now capable of making better and more informed purchases.

Food Waste

Studies show that Americans throw 40% of the food they buy from the market. This is where technology comes into play. Companies such as Froozer create plans to prevent the wastage of food and to make new innovations in the manufacturing of food. One program by Froozer is the creation of make-up products from fruits and vegetables which are non-consumable due to their condition. Instead of throwing away these fruits and vegetables, the company was able to use them productively.

Access to Recipes

There are many websites that show recipes and videosof food dishes. These websites have outdone food magazines and cookbooks. From paleo to gluten-free dishes, people can easily search for their desired recipes on the Internet. Social media accounts and blogs give people the opportunity to share their recipes in different parts of the world. On YouTube and Facebook, people can find quick and easy recipes to follow.


Finally, the world is continuously changing, so the food industry needs to keep up. The most important task that people in the food business need to know is improving the basic methods and making them global, efficient, and safe.