User Guide For Of An iPhone Selfie Stick

Taking selfies has emerged as an extremely superb means of fun for people across the world. You can find people taking selfies almost everywhere. Along with fulfilling the fun quotient, selfies are being clicked by people for self-portrayal in a better way and for serving the purpose sefie-sticks are widely accepted and used across the globe.

A Selfie stick is a phone accessory which can be used to take pictures from your front as well as rear camera, but it is mostly used to take selfies or groupies from the front camera of your smartphone or iPhone.

Selfie sticks are one of the under-rated phone accessories, which need to be highlighted in order to make a better use of it.

Features of a good Selfie-stick

A Selfie-stick is literally more than just a stick, which holds your phone. It is a technically developed accessory to assist you in clicking wonderful picture from your smartphone with utmost ease. It can be laced with a camera button or an advanced remote controller, which you need to click when taking selfies or groufies.

A good selfie-stick has a soft and thick handle, along with Bluetooth connectivity and charging point present on it. Bluetooth connectivity helps to share data instantly, which is a great advantage, if you usually take groufies or have clicked photos in an office conference where you need to share pictures with your colleagues.

Using an iPhone Selfie stick

With a pricey phone like iPhone you have access to a better featured camera, and with the help of a good selfie-stick, you can click awesome pictures and flaunt it proudly at social networking sites.

Pairing your iPhone with a selfie stick is very simple. All you need to do is, find your iPhone after pressing a button, which is present on the selfie stick, your phone and selfie stick will be paired soon. After pairing up the device and stick, you can adjust your phone, choose and open the camera app you want to use and start taking photos by using the remote control.

Other facilities offered by selfie sticks

If you are not willing to repeat the whole process of adjusting yourself, pressing buttons to click pictures or touching the screen for clicking pictures, then you must avail the facility of self-timer feature which is present in almost all the iPhones running iOS 8 or its later versions.

If you want to click selfies from long distances, you can look for GoCam app in iPhones. This app is completely free and assists you in clicking pictures, which seem to be clicked from long distances. You just need to adjust your hand properly to click the desired pictures while using this app on your iPhone.

Other settings

For clicking better pictures from your iPhone, which you have paired with a selfie stick, you must know to establish and make changes to its settings to use it according to your preferences.

For instance, iPhone allows you to give voice commands for clicking selfies, but you must have knowledge of its settings, to access the feature when you are using a selfie stick. You must be well aware of iPhone selfie stick setting to use the accessory accurately after combining it with your iPhone.