Understanding Conversational UI and its Significance

Curious about conversational UI? Well, it is a chatbot experience capable of processing language in a natural way (similar to speaking to or texting another individual). This can also be explained as an archetypal experience with technology that included websites, PCs, and mobile apps. These are steered in a fashion that necessitates individuals to click on different links or icons to get PC perform anything. The communication is neither human-like nor natural.

Conversational UI facilitates switch to communication in human form. This is similar to a human establishing conversation with another individual. At present, the two most popular methods of involving in conversational UI are:

– Actual speech

– Chatting and typing with a chatbot

Human beings are a lot better at talking with others than making use of a technology. One of the major reasons is that it is more natural and instinctive. However, there are several instances where the experience can get a little confusing. For instance, users may make errors when a form field fails to be specific or when it is difficult for people to find what they are hunting for in an app.

User testing isn’t easy. A lot goes into ensuring a feature, a site or an interaction is user friendly. Here’s why Conversational UI is of high importance:

Facebook Messenger and Commerce

A chatbot API was integrated by Facebook into Messenger. This allowed users to make interaction with businesses on a whole new level using conversational UI. Although one isn’t directly speaking with employees at business yet it makes them feel the same. This is the kind of experience one can have. A piece of information related to upcoming flight, specific topic, recommendation of personalized gift etc. can be retrieved through a simple and relaxed conversation through Nordstrom chatbot.

Nordstrom Chatbot

With number of mobile users increasing in massive numbers, providing seamless online shopping experience using phone has become more important. In 2016, Nordstrom saw an opportunity in this trend and launched a chatbot to helps users find excellent gift ideas for holiday shopping. The wonderful commerce prospect and an incredible customer experience in Messenger app worked really well.


This is an all new way to seek info. Slack is widely celebrated for its chatbots (Slackbots). This app is available with its own bot that users can interact with in an easy way. Varied apps can be integrated with Slack, for example Hangouts, Google Calendar, Maker, Statbot, Intro, or Giphy, which assimilates effortlessly with other apps like New Relic, Google Analytics, or Mixpanel. Slackbot will let you retrieve necessary information or gif as needed.

It would not be wrong to say that Slack has transformed the way companies and teams perform their daily tasks. Additionally, the app makes information accessible effortlessly from a wide range of sources simply by asking for it.

Slack and Facebook are known to have their own UI. Although nothing much can be done about this, it is possible to design the conversations and interactions chatbots will establish with users and customers.


Heard of Digit? Experts define it as a savings app which can do a lot of things including paying a bill, checking account balances, saving, withdrawing, making recurring transfers, and much more. Interaction with the Digit bot can be done in two different ways:

– In the App: Chatbot interface is the main screen for app. Some interesting things can be done with this such as interactions related to account and setting outside bot. Bot ensures the best user experience as it explains users about unknown potential conversation points. It makes interaction with bot precise and particular rather than vague.

– Texting Number: This helps users interact with Digit’s bot. Although conversations may be same, it can get more ambitious especially if you aren’t really aware of all of its conversational abilities.

Conversation UI usage offers new and ultimate stress-free interaction for Digit users. Since Digit facilitates interaction in the app as well as through texting, it is possible for users to interact with the app in a comfortable way. Digit is one of the finest examples of taking conversation UI to a whole new level. For more information on conversational UI, visit www.freelancewebdeveloper.net.

To Sum Up

Most people do not think of Conversational UI especially when it comes to user interfaces. Conversational UI at core is precisely about making technology perform and network like humans interact with each other. It is a drive towards relaxed technology. Conversational UI has also emerged as a highly popular and stylish way to incorporate interactions. This is obvious due to the amazing opportunities it offers for businesses and enhanced customer experiences.