Top puzzle games for Android

Google Play Store is full of games that allow you to get bored of waiting for something, but you do not have to play something stupid or monotonous. Games can be useful to the brain, and Android has enough quality puzzles that can challenge your intellect.

Manamonster presents top 6 puzzle games for Android:

  1. Mini Metro

Road and rail maps often look like a chaotic conglomeration of lines, but there must still be some order in them. You will learn about this in the game Mini Metro, which reminds maps familiar to travelers and you will be at the head of creating your own transit system, which will constantly expand.

  1. Threes!

In this game, mathematics turns into magic. This puzzle based on numbers is constantly engaged in their addition. You have to combine the tiles of numbers and prevent the filling of the game board, since after each move a new tile appears. Tiles 1 and 2 form tile 3, further tiles with numbers multiple of 3 can be combined with it to create larger numbers.

  1. Shadowmatic

If you made any image from shadows, using your fingers to make the corresponding shadows appear on the wall, then this game is for you. Instead of fingers, you have to rotate and swap strange objects in places, until the image on the wall becomes similar to something. Rotate the shape around and you can see a rabbit or a teapot.

  1. You Must Build a Boat

You Must Build a Boat is the successor of the gorgeous game 10000000. Theadventurermade from pixels scrolls through the dungeon at the top of the screen, and you have to find the right icons to help him.

  1. Lara Croft Go

Based on the legendary Tomb Raider series, this puzzle is ideal for mobile devices, turning action quests into step-by-step navigation, where you have to overcome various obstacles.

  1. Prune

Prune is difficult to attribute to a certain genre. Is it a simulator of bonsai? A relaxing arcade game? A tactical game for gardeners? Prune may not exactly match a puzzle genre, but it does not prevent it from being one of the most original and exciting Android game.