Top 3 Managed WordPress Hosting Providers in India

WordPress hosting is one of the fluent and easiest way to power the professional and functional website or blog without possessing any technical knowledge of coding, programming or web designing. Yet, if you have basic html skills then WordPress is the best source that gives flexibility to fully customize your website. Go through our top picks for the best Managed WordPress hosting alternative available in the hosting industry.

Advantages of Managed Hosting:

1) Reduces the operating costs:

In un-managed hosting service, there are several invisible costs such as hiring a database admin, system admin and other staff to manage the servers. In contrast, with managed hosting you exclude the extra costs. Additionally, a best WordPress hosting provider will save your money and time.

2) Server monitoring:

Managed hosting sanctions proactive detection of vulnerabilities and irregularities for proper working flow of the website. This will keep your website and server working systematically 24*7. In unmanaged hosting, you need technical knowledge about server and website management or require a team to look after the management.

3) Support anytime and everytime:

If you purchased managed hosting service, it is guaranteed that you will get quality support service. Your hosting provider will undertake all the challenges in terms of support or any other issue that you will face in the future.

4) Backup:

In managed hosting, backup of your website data is taken on daily or weekly basis. Your web hosting provider is aware of strategies to overcome the data loss issue and in un- managed hosting it is completely opposite. Benefits of  managed hosting are many, therefore, buying the same will give you the best output.

Let’s start the comparison of the providers

1) MilesWeb

MilesWeb was launched in 2012 and is based  inNashik, Maharashtra. In Indian web hosting industry, they are the first provider that have successfully partnered with the Jetpack. This is not the end here, they shifted to Amazon Cloud service to offer the best unlimited web hosting service. Their WordPress plans showcase genuine features without committing any promise related to unlimited resources or traffic. CheckMilesWebWordPress hosting plans that consist of two types of plans that are mentioned below:

WordPress hosting + Jetpack (Free Version)

WordPress hosting + Jetpack (Paid Version)

Both the plans involve different features that you can purchase depending on your demands. If you want customizedWordPress plans for high traffic or professional website then contact their sales team at

MilesWeb will offer you features like:

  1. i) Fully Managed WordPress
  2. ii) Free migration and SSL Certificate

iii) Server level caching, WordPress pre-configured, automatic WordPress updates.

  1. iv) Cloning
  2. v) CDN
  3. vi) Railgun

vii) Daily backups

viii) Fast SSD storage and Provisioning

  1. ix) WP – CLI, Brotli, Compression, SFTP.
  1. x) Secure emails
  1. xi) Jetpack premium and professional

You can communicate with their support team via chat, support and email and they present 24*7*365 days to help their customers. Their support team comparises of experts who have quality knowledge that will guide you with the best alternative. You get 30 days money back feature and uptime of 99.95% on WordPress plans of MilesWeb. They provide cheap WordPress hosting in india, US and UK locations. If you want qualitative WordPress service at budget friendly price then MilesWeb is your stop.

2) Bluehost:

Bluehost is a popular web hosting company that is present in the hosting market from a longer period of time. You will get all types of hosting services right from domain to basic web hosting, shared, reseller, WordPress, etc. For WordPress,they offer two types of  plans one is WordPress hosting and second is WordPress hosting + Security Suite:

WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting + Security Suite

It’s your choice which plan you want for your blog or website from above mentioned snaps.

Bluehost will offer you features like:

  1. i) Easy 1 – click installation
  1. ii) Scalability

iii) Enhanced cPanel

  1. iv) Instant provisioning
  1. v) Backup and security
  1. vi) Integrated Caching and CDN

You can approach Bluehost’s support team 24*7*365 and they are reachable via chat, phone and email.


From the above mentioned comparison, MilesWeb is better and best choice for managed WordPress hosting plan in comparison to Bluehost.

Price: MilesWeb wins the race as they offer competitive price than Bluehost.

Features:Bluehost lack behind in term of features that they are not offering   such as money back guarantee on WordPress plan, free SSL certificate, 30 days money back, Amazon cloud platform, GZIP/Brotli compression, SFTP access, WP – CLI, Cloning. On other side, MilesWeb is giving all these above mentioned features and more in lesser price.

Uptime: MilesWeb offers 99.95% uptime and Bluehost offers 99.9% uptime.

3) A2 Hosting:

A2 Hosting is yet another WordPress hosting provider that sells all kinds of hosting solutions at decent price. They are the best provider for newbie and professional users. Their WordPress plan consists of three plans that are explained below:

Check their plans from above mentioned screenshots and select best one for your website or blog.

A2 Hosting will offer you features like:

1) Free SSL, SSD and CDN

2) Easy backup

3) Jetpack personal license

4) Free migration

5) WP -CLI

6) Money back guarantee

7) SSH & FTP Access

8) Railgun optimizer (paid feature)

You get 24*7*365 days support service and 99.9% uptime. You can contact them through chat, email and phone.

MilesWebVs A2 Hosting

MilesWeb and A2 Hosting offers parallel features but there is a slite difference in the price, features and uptime.

Price: MilesWeb offers budget friendly price that suits well for a newbie and professional, where A2 Hosting is bit expensive for newbie.

Features: Both the providers offer parallel features but MilesWeb is ahead than A2 Hosting. MilesWeb offers some technical features that A2 Hosting is not offering such as Amazon Cloud platform, GZIP/Brotli compression, CloudflareRailgun, Jetpack premium.

Uptime: you get maximum uptime of 99.9% at A2 Hosting and 99.95% uptime at MilesWeb.

Closure Verdict:

I hope you must have got your Managed WordPress hosting provider after reading this article. All three providers are best but someone has to win the race and winner of this comparison is MilesWeb, second is A2 Hosting and third is Bluehost. Now its time to test your decision skill and get a best Managed WordPress hosting provider.