This Telepresence Technologies Was Already Developed by Silicon Valley

The Avatars are given by this adventure an easy and honest job opportunity and it is offered to people anywhere.

Not working

There are many individuals around the globe that are not working and are more than willing to offer their physical presence for a fee, to be an Avatar.

Need to be in other places

There are lots of individuals that need to be present in other places and don’t have the time, the money or the chance to go there. Think about this – businessman in meetings most of the day, andperson with problems that stops his/her from walking around a lot. This Ubiatar service would be the only way these two people could meet.


UbiatarPlay was developed and offered a marketplace where all these individuals can meet, talk, learn from each other and exchange value. The businessman in meeting needs to buy something miles away from where he is – meets person in that place that needs a job.

Value not only measured in money, but also:

  • Emotions
  • Culture
  • Knowledge
  • Expertise

This is more than a marketplace and more than a social network; UbiatarPlay will be all this and a philosophy that is geared towards human empowerment.

Economic side

The economic side of this new service can be offered by people willing to act as an Avatar to other people, in turn willing to collect a fees

Ubiatar Inc.

An USA company in Silicon Valley has already developed the telepresence technologies, the apps and software and the world-wide cloud-based platform that helps these cutting-edge telepresence services. UbiatarPlay AG has a contract with Ubiatar, Inc. that permits the creation of the typical marketplace where these services can be sold on a peer-to-peer fashion.

Central to UbiatarPlay

This platform is central to the UbiatarPlay and will work in such a way that is very similar to that of the well-known Apple store and Google play marketplace, where the apps publishers meet with clientsthat want to buy and install them. The income from the marketplace will be used to accomplish mission of UbiatarPlay which is:

Make Ubiatar token value increase in the fastest and largest way possible while providing job chances to those all around the world.

This is how UbiatarPlay came together.