The Best Band Sawmill Equipment on the Market

At SELECT Sawmill you can find the best forestry tools available.  Consider, for example, just these two band sawmill models.


The flagship SELECT 4221 Double-cut band sawmill is widely known for its superior quality and consistently quality performance.  As a matter of fact, many regard this as the ultimate sawmill in the industry in terms of class among the user-friendly and those working with high volume capacities. The SELECT 4221 Double Cut Band Sawmill has:Image result for The Best Band Sawmill Equipment on the Market

    • choose from 115 hp (86 Kw) John Deere turbo diesel engine or a 75 hp (55.2 Kw) electric motor
    • 6” (15.24 cm) swage double-cut blade (meaning it can cut in both directions)
    • 36” (91.44 cm) band wheels with double-tapered bearings
    • Hydraulic system complete with log turner, two back posts, two tapers, two dogs, blade guide, blade tensioning, head tilt, and carriage feed
    • Heavy duty frame consisting of 2” x 8” x 1/4” thick tubing (5cm x 20cm x 64mm)
    • cutting speed of up to 3 ft (0.914m) per second
    • can cut logs up to 42” diameter and 22′ long (106cm x 6.7m)
    • computerized setworks with up to 12 preset thicknesses and two hold/recall memories designed especially for hardwood cutting


The SELECT 3620 Portable Sawmill offers a little more variety, since it is, after all, portable.  Obviously built to a notably smaller scale, the model is still as durable as the 4221, featuring:

    • choice of 40 hp (30 Kw) electric and 10 hp (7.46 Kw) dual hydraulic pump motor or 68 hp (51 kw) high powered John Deere diesel engine
    • 4” (10.2 cm) double-cut swage tooth blade
    • 32” (81.28 cm) double-tapered bearing band wheels
    • hydraulic system complete with two back posts, two dogs, two tapers, head lift, carriage feed, log turner, and blade guide
    • 2” x 8” frame and crossers with 8 fully adjustable (5cm x 20cm) support legs
    • cutting speed of up to 2′ (0.61m) per second
    • automatic electric blade lubrication
    • log-cutting up to 36” in diameter and up to 20′ in length (91.44cm x 6.1m)
    • 8 computerized preset board thickness parameters with 2 hold/recall memories for hardwood cutting


This SELECT band sawmills also have the following options:

    • 12′ or 24′ (3.66m or 7.32m) live deck
    • log loader
    • hydraulic oil tank heaters
    • John Deere block heater
    • Trailer package featuring a reinforced double axle with electric brakes, couper, lights, and chains