Why Tech Matters for Farmers

The right tech on farms is essential. If you don’t have the right machine for the job, you can kiss your profits goodbye! Here are the 3 main reasons that farmers across the world are so reliant on their technology, from computers to tractors to smart farming tools.

Whether you’re a farmer looking to get some new tech, or just someone interested in agriculture, find all the answers in this article.

Business Finances

Farms are, ultimately, businesses.

If you can’t sell your produce for a good profit, how can you keep your farm afloat? You’re going to need more than just a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet! On large farms where there is a huge amount of produce harvested year-round, you can expect farmers to hire accountants and business minded individuals to handle the finances for them. On smaller farms it’s just as important to manage the business side of the farm, but farmers are reliant on themselves to get the job done.

Record keeping is a must. Gathering data about income and expenses can be careful analysed to create future forecasts. Tech including online clouds and forecasting software are essential.

Beating Competitor Farms

Running a farm as a business means more than just staying profitable. It means selling produce competitively on the market to beat other farmers.

There are many different technologies and methods of achieving this. Some farmers may go for the “bigger is better” mind frame, growing larger crops to sell for more money. Others may simply try to beat competitors by growing more than anyone else.

Technology to improve seeds, germination rates, herbicide spraying and drip irrigation is all working to help farmers get better and better. This leads us on to the final point; efficiency.


The best tech farmers can use is efficient tech. Tractors that can run faster on less fuel and with more accuracy will help farmers reap the benefits of lower running costs and higher profits.

You can also be very efficient when it comes to irrigation – there are drip irrigation pipes that will only water your crops when they need it! There are also drones that can plant seeds from skies for very precise planting and carefully formulated chemical substances to ensure that your crops will never be ruined by pests.

Sometimes it can be quite hard to get rid of your old methods and technologies, especially if you’re daunted by new technology. I have one simple tip for you: research. Understanding new technology will ensure that you know exactly what your farm needs. It will also mean you can spot a fake, expensive and unnecessary machine from a mile away.

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