Tag People On Instagram: How And When?

The tag or as it is also called, tag gear in the social network Instagram, is one of the most powerful tools that exist. However, even though this simple act is beneficial, there are also those who don’t use it or use it improperly.


It’s very simple. While the image is being loaded, just below the space to write the comment, you can see the icon of people tagging.

Just touch the option, and you will reach a new screen where you can touch anyone in the image to place a label. This allows choosing a person, thing, product, on the image. Once touched on the desired site, a small label will appear asking “Who is it?” While a small search bar appears. Then just write the username of the person or Instagram account, choose it from a list of contacts or options, and the name will appear on the image.

Once tagged, a notification will be sent to the person indicating that it has been tagged to an image. You can see this in the activity timeline. When you reach the personal profile and press the icon (left to right on the profile screen below the profile description), you see an additional timeline that shows the different photos where you have been tagged. The same procedure used when entering the profiles of other users.

When to tag?

These are the ways this practice can be utilized for your own benefit to increase visibility just like free Instagram likes do:

Winners of Contests

If you are doing a contest dynamics, you can label the winners in a post that announces them.

Gratitude or Sign of Gratitude

If you want to thank customers, friends or faithful and constant fans, it is very good to label them in an allusive post.


If someone has recognized a job executed well or written a testimonial, you can post this message or a note of visual gratitude to them and tag them so they will be informed about the post.

Answering Questions

If some followers have asked a question or are looking for something specific, they can be labeled in the image where the answer or solution is given.

Label the Product or Service Company

If you want to contact Instagram with favorite brands, the idea is to tag them in the posts that show your products or services. For example, if you bought a shirt or shoes, you can tag the brand or designer on an image using the item in question. Even though not all brands could answer a mention, this is a good practice to be on your radar. And if they give an answer or do repost, the level of reach and exposure that this gives to the user will be very high.

Using the tagging on Instagram can mean many benefits for one as a business. By using it correctly, you have the ability to reach more audience, increase likes and strengthen relationships with followers. Just do not abuse or you risk been seen as spam.