Smart Home: Hydronic Heating, The True Heat Of Your Home

In cold seasons, getting to the house and meeting an icy floor can be quite uncomfortable. Blankets or heaters can be our allies, but we can not deny that they are temporary and that they only provide well-being to certain areas.

Hydronic heating is a technology that is used more and more to provide homes with the true warmth of home.

What is it and How it Works?

The goal of hydronic heating is to get the most out of the heat that hot water emits. This is made to flow through cross-linked high-density polyethylene (PEX) pipes or through copper pipes. The heat is generated thanks to boilers or heaters of high efficiency, and this is transmitted through the floor, although some users also choose to install it on walls. This last option is really good for those who do not want to raise the floor since the civil work and the installation can be carried out at any time.

Hydronic heating includes radiant floors, thermal zones and forced convectors. This is a good alternative and is also a good option for those who did not consider the installation of this type of heating during the period of construction.

The areas that you want to tune to the right temperature can be controlled through the automation systems that are being offered by some smart home installation companies, with thermostats that are installed strategically.

This system has revolutionized heating in countries like Mexico. It is considered as a very healthy option for users, and it is extremely efficient. In developed countries, about 50 percent of the new homes that have been built have opted to keep their rooms temperate in the cold atmosphere thanks to the radiation emitted by the hot water.

The hydronic systems are centralized, and the heat is evenly distributed. This means that all the areas will be equally heated and is considered a very healthy option since radiators that emit hot air that can transport dust or other allergen elements are avoided.

Final words

With hydronic heating, it is achieved that the rooms and the other areas of the home obtain a soft, generalized and continuous heat. This prevents heating by cycles, as happens with radiators, which must be constantly on and off.

Some companies focus on such home upgrades, some companies such as Lighting Control Systems can automate the hydronic heating system and thereby provide greater welfare to your home.