How a Serviced Office Will Reduce Time Spent on Admin

The serviced office has been a part of the business landscape since the late seventies. However, today, more businesses are benefiting from this low-cost alternative to traditional office leasing for a number of reasons. For one, serviced offices place you smack dab in the middle of some of the most bustling central business districts.

Those willing to traverse Thailand’s commercial real estate market might snag themselves a deal, but you could do just as well with a serviced office fit out in some of the major locales. In addition to providing you with a prestigious address and dedicated phone number, you get the benefit luxurious office furniture and professional grade office equipment. However, the serviced office also has another unintended benefit in that it reduces the amount of time you spend with administrative tasks.

Continue reading below to learn more about the serviced offices effect on administrative tasks and how this office solution can lead to you spending less time on admin.

Moving Time

Whether you are relocating, expanding or moving into a serviced office space, these plans save business owners oodles of time in moving. Typically, an office move to another locale in the city requires a minimum of nine months of planning. Business owners are responsible for leasing a new building, calculating space for that space, and setting up the requisite amenities for day-to-day operations. For larger companies, this task requires a program manager or even outside contracting. In terms of man-hours, this can eat up a whole bunch of your productivity.

On the other hand, with the serviced office, the only task you need to complete is to contact a leasing agent to review the various fit outs available for your office. In a matter of a few weeks, you can be settled into your new digs without the hassle of having to orchestrate an entire move into a building. Furthermore, because you do not spend so much time organising a move, this time and productivity are redirected back into your business.

Support Staff


Another great advantage of the serviced office is the support staff that accompanies many of these plans. For one, receptionists save you money and time because you do not have to worry about hiring a receptionist for your office. You do not have to be concerned about providing for a full-time position with benefits, which definitely reduces the amount you reinvest in your business.

More importantly, serviced offices usually come with IT services, which is a great help in making sure the business of your business runs smoothly. Whether it is making sure your email account is working correctly or making sure your business’s IT connectivity is secure, these amenities reduce the amount of time you have to spend tracking down a computer technician to fix any technical issues.

Furthermore, these world-class IT services provide for apps that help in file sharing and storage, so you can essentially upload and store your businesses important files without worrying about security breaches.


Trained Staff


The professionals who support your business are highly trained and qualified professionals. Because the environment is usually a corporate one, support staff are trained to deal with the public and tenants with the utmost professionalism required in this environment. For your business, this professionalism further bolsters the image you want to convey to the public, and in terms of productivity, it fosters business growth.

More Productivity And Less Bureaucracy


The serviced office promotes productivity for your office on many levels by providing you access along with the necessary support needed to make your business run smoothly. With a receptionist to field your calls, you can spend more time with managing a business. More importantly, businesses do not suffer from the interruptions that happen with technological snafus. With professional, well-trained staff, the serviced office can be a solution to reducing administrative work.