Rumours about Mobile Phone Repairs

“Never settle for half the story and make-up and imagine the rest. Get the full story!”

Are you the one, who tries to fix phone repairs after searching the Google? If so, do you know along with solutions there are some incorrect suggestions that tend to misguide you? Keep in mind, rumours always tend to be myths and not facts, it is better you read further and get to know how true these rumours are.

Mobile Phone repairs cost too much:

Many imagine that getting their cell phones repaired may cost too much. But, the reality is the Huawei Phone repairs Sydney is affordable. Maybe you might have one or two bad experiences, but it doesn’t mean that all repair centres are bad.

Yes, not everybody is ready to cheat their customers. There is Oppo Phone Repair Centre in Sydney that is genuine and specialised in all mobile phone repairs.

If you want your phone to last longer, then you must use quality parts. Some parts may not be locally available, and it should be sourced outside. So, what you are paying is not just for service but also for the quality of parts that are going to be used in your phone.

You may void the warranty if a service centre repairs your phone:

This is another common myth. If you still have some warranty left out and your mobile phone gets damaged, you may think that getting it repaired other than authorised service centre, your warranty on the handset will be void. It is true but, there are scenarios where you cannot claim the warranty.

If the display is broken or your phone is water damaged, then remember the warranty does not apply. Besides, if the phone can be fixed without disassembling the set, then you will not void the warranty.

Every phone can be repaired easily: 

This not true! Not every phone repairs can be fixed. It really depends on the depth of the damage and the age of your mobile phone.  There are also certain stages where the mobile has to be replaced because it is beyond repair or you have to spend too much than the original cost of the phone.

iPhone Water damages can be fixed with DIY:

It is not true! If you accidentally drop your phone in a swimming pool or water, take your phone to the nearby iPhone Repairs Sydney centre immediately.

The internet is loaded with DIY techniques to fix a water damaged iPhone. But, never try to follow them. Beware; you may be ended up with expensive repairs. Also, remember the warranty does not apply to these kinds of damages. So act wisely if your iPhone is water damaged.

Water can damage the iPhone beyond repair leading to loss of data. So following DIY techniques may lead to data loss as well. Whether it is submerged in water or liquid, a mobile phone repair technician who is specialised in phone data recovery Sydney can help you recover your precious photos and contacts for you.