RIF6 CUBE Pico Projector

Don’t judge the projector with its size! This two inch cube is built on and powered by marvellous engineering including the latest advances in LED and optical lens technology. You can connect with Micro SD, MHL and HDMI to it. For a two inch cube the throw Ratio is 1.99:1 Dist/Width with full HD 1080p. This is capable of projecting up to 120 inches but with just 50 lumens of brightness. This is one of the best budget projectors that can be handy and useful.

The battery comes up to 90 minutes but you can also use the CUBE while charging. The coolest thing with this projector is that you can even connect your Kindle to it! It worked without a hitch when I tried it! It has internal speakers and also allows you to connect to your favourite speakers through the audio jack. The LED light source is pretty good! You can watch around 10,000 movies before the need of replacement.

The most common compliant with this projector is that there is a problem with the navigation and remote control. The navigation buttons on the projector are not much of use and the remote control sometimes creates A small percentage of others claim they were sent a defective product which would not turn on

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Nebula Mars Portable Cinema

Designed as a portable, battery-powered projector, you are looking at a 1280 x 800 true resolution, 3000-lumen brightness packed cube that’s handy in any pop-up situations, even for camping trips paired with 4K compatibility.

The Mars itself is rather nicely designed, having a slid able cover, easy-to-use navigation buttons on the device itself and a handle for carrying it around. The Mars also comes with a remote that lets you playback too.

Those are pretty impressive numbers for a small device that’s meant to be a part of your duffle bag. It connects through USB, HDMI, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so you’ll have no shortage of ways to get your entertainment out and going.

The resolution hits maximum at 1280 x 800, which isn’t that big but still passable at smaller screen sizes. I found the Mars to fit perfect when projecting a display at about 45 to 60 inches, which is quite amazing for a medium-sized living room. The device also gives you an impressive level of brightness for a portable projector of this size and cost. They say that Mars’ battery lasts around three hours but in my experience, I usually got around two and a half hours.

The drawback with Nebula Mars is that it is not capable of the highest resolution, not even for its price range. You are expected to have a very dark room for a reasonably good picture. I’m sorry… This doesn’t work with dim lights buddy! Its internal software is old and frankly, bad too. Mars lacks in quality but it makes up for it in its portability, brightness, and considered design