Quick Comparison of Old Fashioned grow lights Vs. Today’s LED Grow Lights

Time has changed and technology has touched the new heights of innovations. In terms of gadgets, mobiles as well as Lights for growing plants. Though there are some people who think old is gold and nothing can replace it, this article is dedicated to those orthodox people. I will compare the old lights with Today’s Best Led Grow Lights and will see what is better. So here we go.

1) Everyone knows that plants cannot tolerate more heat. So, with new LED lights we can have the plant grown with lower heat and the old technology had high heat so plants cannot survive in hot environment.

2) With lower heat in LED lights, plants can maintain their sweetness, taste and nutrition but the thing is completely inverse with old lights as in hot environment plants lose their all nutrition.

3) With LED lights we do not require much water for the development of the plant so it can save lot of time as well as money, but with old techniques we had to give much water and it was too costly.

4) No toxic metals are being used with the latest LED lights and with old lights we had no choice.

5) New LED lights can save upto 50 to 70% energy comparing to the old lights. Which can again save your valuable money.

6) With new technology we do not require to keep a cooling system to maintain the temperature of the plants, it automatically adjusts everything, but the case was different with the old lights.

7) It is also quick compare to old lights.

So, people, do you still think that your old lights our better than new ones?  I think no. So, without wasting more time just convert your heating system with the new LED lights and enjoy growing.