PR Strategies That Can Help You in Link Building

In the past year, people have been rapidly talking about the role of PR and SEO for enhancing your company’s link building. As we all know that the proper PR strategies can help in making the public aware of your brand, this can definitely improve your sales too.

PR and SEO go hand in hand. If your PR manager can help in bringing your brand to the first page of search results then there is no chance that your brand won’t increase its sales. Therefore, there are some PR strategies that can help your company in building links with other reliable sites which can result in the growth of your business in no time. Says Akshat Thapa from

If you want to get to know about some reliable PR strategies that can definitely help you in link building then keep on reading!

Examine Editorial Opportunities

The first PR strategy that can help you in building links with various reliable sites is by examining the editorial opportunities. With editorial opportunities, we mean that you need to think and act like a journalist. There is a website which is called HARO, where you can get in link with journalists and become the sources that they need for writing an article. In this way, you will be forming a link or two. Says Green from

HARO is basically a place where you can meet the journalists. You must be wondering what editorial opportunities mean. It is all about the subject matter of an article, the relevant information about the author (name and contact) and the deadline for the article. So if you have any information about a specific topic, you can contact the journalist and build a link with him and his website.

Attend More Events

One of the most authentic ways of building more links is by attending as many events as you can. We all know that there are a wide amount of opportunities available at conferences and events so it is beneficial for you or your client to go there.

Another reason why you should attend conferences is that there are some conferences that would even set up interviews for you so it is the best place for promoting your brand. Therefore, if you have been planning on attending an event then do your research before going so you have potential interviews beforehand. You can do this by signing up for the event emails and being aware of what is happening on the event press page.

Create Reporter Lists on Social Sites

Want to build a link with reporters for the growth of your business? Follow as many reporters as you can on your social network accounts. In this way, you would be informed of the stories on which the reporters are looking for sources.

According to a survey, 55% of the 600 reporters use social networks to find stories from reliable sources. So if you want to get the opportunity of becoming a source for any of their stories then make sure that you are following the reporters in order to be updated with what they are looking for.

You don’t have to follow each and every reporter, instead create a reporter list on your social sites so whenever you want to build a link, you just open that list and all their posts would appear in that list.

Take Help from PR Focused Tools

There are also many PR focused tools available that can help you in getting the press coverage that is required for promoting your brand. One of the best things about these PR tools is that they are either free or cost very low so it is easy for you to engage their services.