The Popularity Of WordPress And Its Community

The community of WordPress is too big. The community is composed of tens of thousands of writers, thousands of designers and developers, millions of users and all of them contributing to moving WordPress forward. Amongst them, one very popular way of contributing to the community of WordPress is designing and developing WordPress themes for free.

If you are a designer or a developer, that will not only be fun, but you are also going to earn a lot of experience through this.

If you are a writer and want people to watch your blogs, you can make a website from free WordPress themes and then put it on your blog site or website. You don’t need to invest the money in a custom designed website, which will cost you a lot. When your site will be done and up running, you might become famous because of your writing. If you are running a security agency, you can put up a website from Police WordPress theme. More people are going to know about your agency, and then you are going to have more and more jobs. Therefore, free themes in WordPress or Premium themes in WordPress are good to spread about the business around very fast.

Why not make a custom website?

Running a business has become easier, mostly those who have a small business. The world has become your customer, and you have a chance to make your brand. In this era of the internet, all you must do is make a website and generate good SEO response. Your website should be such that it responses with its full function on your mobile because there is a huge number of mobile users across the globe compared to desktop users.

To make a website, you either can make it via custom-made web designers or with the help of free WordPress themes from Switzerland. If you are to make your website through custom-made web designers, you are going to be charged a lot, like around $5000, whereas if you use free themes from WordPress, you are not going to spend anything, or if you want to make a better website, you can choose premium websites. The difference is that custom made websites can be common, but the premium versions will be unique and to keep it more unique you can customize them. The CMS of WordPress is very popular. You can opt for e-commerce for your business.

There are many other features of WordPress Themes, which you will know about after being a part of the WordPress community.