Picking the Poison: Popular Champions for Elo Boosting

League of Legends is known to one of the greatest online games existing up to this day, with millions of people worldwide wanting to get a taste of what is like to be in the adventure, to be one of the champions destined for glory and wealth while kicking the butts of competitors rooting for the similar goals. Those who are huge fans of the game are keeping a close eye on huge competitions, especially the World Championship 2017 which is close to its completion. While there are some controversies here and there that taint the reputation of the game, what matters is that in every match, there is the need for sportsmanship, for fair play so that fun times will keep on rolling no matter what. There will still be some players that are feeling bummed or frustrated over losses, but still, there is no excuse for them to act like jerks expressing their rage towards others in such obnoxious fashion, even if it means destroying real stuff along the way. There will always be a need to calm down and try again next time.

Not all people are aiming to be world champions for LoL, though still, the need to obtain the good shiny titles is a temptation that is difficult to resist. Thankfully, in case someone wants them that badly, there are elo boosters willing to give a helping hand so that it is possible to stay on top during the ranked games. In case someone is not familiar with how it works, it is about the booster using the client’s account to play ranked games and to rise up to the pinnacle. If someone wants to rank up so bad through, one should be prepared to cough out cash because it may take a long while.

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The Top Picks

Elo boosters have their preferred champions in performing their services, but nonetheless, let’s look at some of the top picks:

Riven – she is known as one of the top lane picks because of her unique skill mechanics, though the downside is that the cooldown times of her skills are long and when the skills are used at the wrong time, she will die. Using her for elo boosting involves timing and efficiency to get it right, as mastering her abilities will take a while to get used to.

Pantheon – the mechanics when using him are plain and simple; critical damage when using his skills and high defense are the two things to think about when utilizing him for elo boosting. A critical chance at a perfect level is possible thanks to Heartseeker Strike; Spear Throw is spammable in most cases and Grand Skyfall is an attack made to knock mid-laners down. Definitely, simplicity is beauty with this champion around, with easy mechanics and a robust build.

Talon – a good Assassin-class champion for elo boosters because of the great finish when done right, especially when an opponent is careless enough to be within his close proximity. The trick here is about landing silencing drawbacks right, such as Cutthroat which is best to when crippling an enemy champion down before slaying the competition. Just like Riven, it is all about timing.

Fizz – this champion has long-range and single-target attacks, both of which are useful during fights. Examples include Chum The Waters and Urchin Strike, and he also has Playful/Trickster, allowing him to jump through obstacles for higher chances to attack someone from a favorable distance, or just to escape from a sticky situation in case he gets caught in a crossfire.

Caityn – she is the mistress of long attack range and traps, which makes her another favorite choice for elo boosters. Piltover Peaceover is good for clearing mobs, and there is also the Yordle Snap Traps for lane control and to surprise gankers in case they want to do sneak attacks unannounced. The trick to mastering her is through proper micro control, meaning even the small things matter to pull off her skills right.

These are just some of the champions that are included in the favorites list for elo boosters. One thing is for sure; once the elo boosting is done, the boostee will realize how useful they really are when done right.