All about the Perfect Technological Solution for Your Business

Are you looking for the best sort of solution for your business’s technological issues? There are whole lots of software and technologies available in the market these days but only about a handful of the products are able to provide the much-needed output that all of the businesses expect to achieve. It needs to be understood that the technological space is ever evolving and there are new technology and developments that keeps coming up.

Out of all of the software and products, the one that is able to cater to the exact needs of the users will what would stand out successful from the rest of the products. MLtek is a top-notch software and product platform that is known to provide some exceptional technology products that offer a perfect kind of solution to some of the major issues like networking, processing and structured organizing.

IP Spider

IP Spider is a new-age mass network route monitoring solution that concentrates on the routes of the network and endpoints rather than focusing just on the endpoint alone. It is one of the best kinds of software that has managed to garner huge attention with its impeccable feature. It is currently under developmental phase and is expected to hit the market anytime sooner. It facilitates adding over hundred of IP address and also watch on the routes to transfer to remote IP address.

Process Controller

Controlling process is something that every business expects to achieve at best level. The process controller software facilitates processing based on priorities and the processing is evenly distributed all across Windows. One can set the priorities and the process controlling runs automatically according to the set features. It would make the system perfect for the end user and carries out all processing tasks like rebooting, process restarts and other such kind of activities. It is a valuable tool as far as citrix and terminal server are concerned.


The best thing about ArchiverFS is that it does not store all of the files in the database as in the case of many other software. Instead, it facilitates storing directly in the network from where; it is possible to access it anytime, anywhere. For more information click here