How Online CRM can improve your business

Nowadays, without some kind of simplifying and unifying software for the constantly speeding up information flow, employees often fall prey to getting weighed down by trivial and often counterproductive activities. Online crm software ( provides smooth solutions to this problem by organizing data coming from companies’ e-mails, telephone conversations, websites, live chat and social media. It’s a no-brainer: online crm ( allows for time and efforts to be invested where it matters: business growth.

How online CRM systems can help your business

  • Significant increase in revenue from sales
  • Better decisions with improved analysis of integrated data across the channels
  • Better tracking of customers’ interests, which allows for enhanced and more personalized service
  • Time saving by means of marketing, sales processes and customer service automation
  • Improved employee productivity and internal company communication flow

Which online CRM is the best on the market?



Bpm’online is a cloud-based software, which is widely recognised for its out-of-the-box yet effective and efficient sales, marketing and customer service management. This online crm top dog provides a unified database that allows for better data analysis, managerial decisions and internal company communication. It offers a function, which updates and enriches customer profiles by tracking their social media activity, and enables companies to better cater to their customers’ needs.

Software features:

  • Integrated data across all channels – marketing, sales and customer service
  • An array of tools used for managing collaboration projects, error-fixing and analysis
  • Automated system for generating and managing marketing content, communication with customers and start-to-finish sales processes.

Downside: An array of advanced functions, which may require company staff to undergo some training.

Blue Camroo


Blue Camroo ( is another cloud-based software, which offers more than adequate management solutions to businesses. According to the developers, the program is the complete and integrated online CRM system. The program helps companies manage their marketing, sales and customer relations strategy by means of the variety of functions and analytical tools.


  • Automatic generation of invoices
  • Social media tracking which allows for improved customer service
  • Project management and collaboration which increases internal efficiency
  • Email system to enhance marketing strategies
  • Business revenue and expenses management

Downside: Cluttered interface and limited number of software users (you need to pay additionally to let more users operate in the system).

Really Simple Systems


Really Simple Systems is another way to manage and organise small to mid-size company affairs via an online CRM system. As with the other programs, Really Simple Systems has three integrated modules dealing with completion of sales and customer service processes as well as marketing campaigns. The developers of the program claim to have 99.9% success with the protection of the data it deals with via secure encryptions.

Features (

  • Manage campaigns, customise and send bulk emails to support and ease complex marketing projects
  • Extract and personalize customer information to send customers automated replies and updates
  • Paid and free version. Free version provides only sales force automation function.

Downside: Not as simple to use as the name suggests.