New NDP Leader Changes Search Engine Reputation Management

It came as a shock to Canadians and even North Americans that Jagmeet Singh won the NDP leadership with an unexpected first ballot of 53.8% valid casted votes. It made international headlines that surprised individuals across the world as he defeated past NDP rivals that also once ran, Tommy Douglas and Jack Layton. The polls did suggest that Singh was a strong candidate but Canadians never believed that a man of a different religion would win. Not that it should even be a discussion these days, but Singh did what most people were waiting for a culturally different individual to do: win and lead. Despite all the media and cultural advancement and diversity that has and continues to come from this vote, Singh is also changing the way search engines interpret different search words. With a lot of traction on this news story, key search terms related to Sikhism, unity, Canadian and international leadership are beginning to bring up different search results.

In terms of search engine reputation management, Singh is changing the face of the information we are given: for the better. Due to the traction, traffic, and social signals coming from these new breaks and media reports, when someone looks up something about his religion or cultural differences in Canada, more positive results will appear. Although some in the search engine reputation management industry may argue that this is how search engines operate and others that are all about the facts may argue that this is altering what information is given first in a search engine, most believe that it will change Canada’s unity. If the information we are provided with is more positive and geared towards bringing individuals together, people are more likely to feed off of that positivity; especially because we are so attached to our phone and trustworthy of the information we are being fed through our fingertips. For more information on how search results and the Internet plays an important role in how individuals digest information and their moods, contact Search Reputation using the link above. The agency is open to questions and helping Singh in educating individuals on unity and positivity.