The Need for GPS for Truckers

Truckers are constantly driving to new places, taking unfamiliar roads, and just generally being on the road all the time. Not to mention all the construction. Even if a trucker did know where they were going, construction may throw them way off course. Wouldn’t it make sense to have a GPS system in the truck to aid them in getting to their destination quickly and efficiently?

You would think GPS for truckers would be commonplace. Every truck should have a GPS system you would think. This, however, is not the case. Most truckers have to buy their own GPS out of their pocket. Because of this, many go without which can lead to truckers driving on a route not suited for a semi, or running directly into construction, and trying to figure out a way around it. This can cost a lot of time and money for the trucking company involved.Image result for The Need for GPS for Truckers

Wikipedia publications focusing on the trucking industry indicate significant advancements to global positioning systems geared specifically for truckers. These GPS units makes it easier for drivers, telling them the best route for semis. This usually keeps semis off small residential roads and on the highways, unless there is a specific delivery.

These GPS device would ultimately save money for the trucking companies. First of all, truckers would not have to worry about finding the best route, the GPS would do this for them. Staying on the highway as much as possible without having to turn around because of a road weight limit would save on gas, and time which could increase the profits for the company. On top of that, if and when the truckers do run into construction they are quickly able to find a new route that won’t take them miles out of the way, again, saving time and money. Some of the GPS systems even alert you of upcoming construction to avoid it all together.

All of these features can be found in almost any car. Some cars have it built right in. This allows for drivers to get directions straight from their car without having to be distracted by an extra device. It’s a great convenience to have in a car, but shouldn’t it also be available to those who are using unfamiliar routes the most?

If a car can come with a GPS system, it would only make sense to have them in trucks, the people who are on the road the most. GPS has been around since the 1930s and has been used in everyday travel since the early 2000s. With as much time and advancement made in the GPS world, you would think that companies could make GPS for truckers available to every semi on the road. It would help make our roads a safer place, and our truck drivers happier, more productive workers.