Why do I need a digital marketing agency?

The negative trend of recent years is beginning to be reversed and we are seeing a recovery in the investment of many companies, in different media for marketing actions, and also in hiring personnel to work in marketing.

The growth of Digital Marketing

The most remarkable aspect of all these studies is the unstoppable advance of investment in digital marketing. In 2017, the percentage of this investment on the global marketing budget was 6%. Throughout the year that has recently ended, in 2018, the trend has been even more growing.

The advantages of digital marketing are very clear, from the possibility of interacting with social networks and their unlimited capturing power, a better return on the investment to the possibility of making measurements and monitoring on time.

The following actions have helped this growing trend of investment in digital marketing in the business landscape:

What is a strategy in Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a concept, within the Digital Marketing, according to which it would be to offer value to the users of your brand, but without these consumers feeling that they are making a sale. The important thing is that they know your company, the products and services that you offer, and for this the key is in the creation of quality content. To get a good approach, you’re recommended to get help from a SEO agency such as SEO Shark.

Social Media Strategy

Through a Social Media marketing strategy, the aim is to achieve a good positioning of the brand, increase visibility, promote new sales and disseminate the concepts that define the organization or brand. Ultimately, the purpose in this field is to increase business contacts, more followers, etc.

It is important to consider that the results will not be immediate. That is to say, that a time and a planning is required in what refers to the Social Media plan to achieve the objectives set.