How does Microsoft Exchange work?

Plenty of people rely on email messaging to conduct business transactions. In fact, a research by WBR Digital and Emarsysin in 2016 revealed that 81% of professionals rely on it tocommunicate with clients, putting it ahead of social media. It should thus be a priority for any corporation or organization to find a mailing system that is both secure and efficient.

Many young companiesuse a POP3 email. This means that the host of their website also manages their emails.It may be the simplest and cheapest method, but it removes messages from the server once it has been downloaded to the host’s computer. One risks losing the emails if the said computer breaks. This is far from ideal as it would interrupt operations, damage credibility, and possibly chase away clients.

This is where Microsoft Exchange comes in. It is a proprietary program that centralizes emails by storing it in a server. The following are reasons to consider using this software:

  • Centralized emails

As mentioned above, this is the main draw of theprogram.Unlike POP3, the databasekeeps a copy of the messages even after they have been retrieved or sent. The back-up ensures that you will not have to worry about losing any information due to hosting failure. It guarantees that you will be able to access emails anytime, anywhere.

  • Security

As emails continue to dominate business communications, it is no wonder that it remains a target for online criminal activity. Microsoft Exchange can help protect your line of communication with its security measures. The server filters out spam, malware and phishing threats.It also safeguards the information of clients and external associates, which then increases your credibility.

  • Collaborative tools

Another helpful feature of the program is its shared calendars, tasks, address books, and documents. These tools will make the distribution of information easier and more efficient. This will, in turn, allow for better cooperation and organization among the staff members.

  • Integration with Microsoft products

Microsoft reported that there are 1.2 billion users of Microsoft Office.Most people are familiar with the brand’s programs, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The native integration of Microsoft Exchange with the company’s other products make using it an easy experience.

  • Synchronization across devices

Microsoft’s ActiveSync feature lets users access Exchange using mobile phones, tablets and other compatible devices. Changes made are smoothly and quickly reflected across all channels. This addition will benefit people who spend a lot of time away from the office as it allows users to consult their schedules and tasks from anywhere.

Entrepreneurs should learn Microsoft Exchange if they want to have full control over their email server. However, make sure that it is the right system for your company.It might be too costly for smaller companies though there is an option to scale it down to a per-person scheme instead. Note that new licenses must be purchased to use the updates that are released once in a while.Maintenance is also a must, so make sure to allot time for it.

Set-up might feel complicated initially, but Microsoft Exchange will ultimately provide users a smooth, secure,and rewarding mailing experience.