Why malware is keeping computer repair experts in business

What Is Malware?

Everyone has heard of malware problems, but most people aren’t entirely sure of what exactly it is. To put it simply, malware is a malicious program that is transferred from machine to machine, either through a download, or, in some cases, it can be transferred across a network from machine to machine. Typically, these programs are developed to gather your personal information – some steal passwords, or social security numbers. Others have the ability to lock down your computer completely. Some simply gather your personal information in the background, allowing them to slowly configure adware specific to your interests, resulting in monetary gain.

How Do You Get Malware?

As previously mentioned, typically it’s downloaded. However, what many individuals don’t know is that it can be automatically downloaded to your machine by clicking on a malicious link, picture, or program. Often times, it is disguised as something one might interact with everyday, such as a link to download a flash player. Once you’ve clicked it, the program is designed to take that as acceptance to start downloading, and can be very difficult to get rid of after it’s installed.

How Can Computer Repair Shops Fix This?

If you accidentally download malicious programs, never fear. Computer repair shops, which, for quite some time, seemed to be at risk of disappearing in the modern world, are often very helpful in these situations. Malware keeps them very busy – they often have programs that can remove malware, as well as experience in the field that allows them to find the best ways around particularly stubborn malware.

Therefore, specialists in computer repair are staying in business – did you know most people have malware on their computer without even knowing it? Malware may sit silently, until it is ready to strike, slowing down your machine. Thankfully, most repair technicians can rectify this.

Can You Remove Malware Yourself?

In short, most of the time, yes. For instance, certain viruses may cause your computer to drastically slow. Typically, in this situation, running an antivirus program, such as Avast or AVG, will remove the viruses or malware. When that doesn’t work, programs such as Malwarebytes are always available for free to aid in removing particularly stubborn malware.

Ultimately, malware can be problematic for many individuals. However, with simple programs and expert help, in many cases the issue can be resolved. If not, a specialist can aid in reformatting a device as well.