What Makes A Health And Beauty E-Commerce Site Work?

Health and Beauty products seem like products you should buy in store rather than online, but it’s one of the fast growing e-commerce sectors. This is an industry worth more than $300 million, and online sales make up nearly 20% of that value. So why does health and beauty work as an online store? There are several different reasons.

First, online stores are better able to educate their customers. E-commerce health and beauty stores have the capability to post videos with the products, showing how to use them. These video demonstrations are very effective as they not only show how the product is used, but the customers also see the end result. This can override a customer’s desire to try the product out before committing to a purchase. It’s a little bit like a YouTube tutorial. Also, it’s incredibly easy to open another website and research for real reviews of the product, and any other information you could want to know. This ease of access of information means that people don’t feel as though they have to go into a store to find out what products are available.

Health and beauty sites are also able to engage with their customers using multiple channels. Social media has become such a major part of everyday life, and e-commerce sites are able to utilize it very effectively. Facebook and twitter can be used for both communications from customers, and as a marketing tool. Instagram, in particular, can be very effective in promoting health and beauty e-commerce. Sponsored posts from influence’s, bloggers, and celebrities provide another level of endorsement that appeal to a wide range of potential customers.

The most popular health and beauty sites have a few things in common. The sites are easy to navigate, simple and clean. Casey Dawson, an analyst of online shopper behavior at Shopaganza says that while marketing and social media can help influence customer decisions. Shoppers are generally creatures of habit. They like specific products, and brands, so once they find an online retailer that they trust, they tend to stick with it. Another thing the popular sites have in common is that the product images are bright and clean. Shoppers like clear visuals of the products, and some images of health and beauty product on different skin tones.

Some health and beauty e-commerce stores begin online, but others also have physical stores. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but there is one advantage that means shoppers are turning to online stores more and more. Online shopping is better able to provide customers with products that they may not have access to in physical stores. Some high end products can only be found online, others may be exclusive to particular stores that may not be available in a shopper’s location. Another advantage is that online retailers are usually able to offer better prices for products, and they tend to have more products on offer. Surveys have shown that price, user experience and shipping are three of the most important things consumers take into consideration when finding an online store. They do also consider social media, and social shopping on the site into consideration as well, but they generally don’t consider them to be as important as other factors.

According to recent research and surveys, health and beauty stores can see a massive rise in sales, and huge increases in mobile traffic. Dawson says that this reiterates the shopper behavior. Consumers want easy to navigate, simple sites that look clean and can be accessed on mobile devices. Once they have found that, they are unlikely to look elsewhere.