How to Make Partition in Windows 10

After installing Windows 10, the next step you take is to make various partitions of its HD. If you use it with partitions, it will enhance the efficiency of your system. Let me tell you guys! The most convenient way to perform this task is the use of “Disk Management” that is a built-in feature of Windows 10. This feature is used not only to create a partition but also to delete the partition if you do not want to use it. I am going to explain a tutorial that enables you to easily use Disk Management for creating partitions in the Hard disk of your system.

A note before you start: Not a secret that all pc and windows users do have to protect some secret files and folders  in the partitions. Windows regardless to having so much features still depends on addition softwares for the password protection of drives.

Follow the steps below in this context

  • You should login your system by using Administrator Account. To make changes in the system it is always necessary to use Admin Account.
  • You will see “Windows Explorer” icon on Task bar. Select it to go ahead.
  • You will see “This PC” icon in the left pane where you need to right-click to view its menu.
  • Select “Manage” option from the drop-down menu.
  • It will take you to the “Computer Management” feature where you have to click the option “Disk Management” that lies in the left pane.
  • Now, you will see “C:” Drive and uncatalogued area.
  • Right-click the free area of Hard Disk that will be used in creating partitions. It will show you the context menu where you have to select “Create Simple Volume” option.
  • A new window will appear where you have to select the option “Next” to go ahead.
  • It will show you another window “Specify Volume Size” that contains the volume of disk space. You have to divide the total disk space volume in two or three parts. Use calculator for this purpose.
  • Click the option “Next” to go ahead.
  • You will see the page “Assign Drive Letter or Path, leave everything as it is and go ahead by using “Next.”
  • The next page will be “Format Partition” where you need to rename “Volume Label” according to your preference and click “Next.”
  • The next will appear the final window where you will see the options you have selected in the previous windows. If it is according to your choices, you need to click the option “Finish” to finish the wizard.
  • Now you can see in Computer Management window that you have successfully created new partition. It does not a system reboot. You can use it now.

(While completing the installation of Windows 10, If you have allotted the whole space of drive for “C:”, there will no more any unallocated area. In this case you have to shrink the area of drive “C:. In this case, you have to right-click C: drive and click the option “Shrink Volume” to divide its space into two or three parts)

Disk Management in windows provides handy options for customizing hard disk partitions as explained one above for making partitions in windows. The draw back or you can say the missing features in windows operating system is the password protection of hard disk partitions. There comes the third party software to password protect drives, that come forward to rescues windows users to not only lock and secure files and folders in windows, but protect the partitions themselves.