Is a document plagiarised? How to check?

Having doubts about your text? If you are haunted by the thoughts of uploading your article and getting bad SEO results or handing a paper in to your professor just to get a negative mark – this article is perfect for you. Follow the tips to know everything about checking your document for plagiarism. Where, how and when to do it. Without further ado, let’s get started.

First off, what to use?

There specially designed software to help users test documents for plagiarism. Numerous testing sites exist on the web and give a truly needed helping hand to its members. These sites house state of the art testing softwares. We strongly recommend Plagramme – first truly multilingual plagiarism testing tool recognized as the national plagiarism detector in three different countries. Upload your file and conduct a plagiarism test for free. The results are going to be very easy to read and understand so you know what to do next.

How do you check?

As mentioned above, choose the software and utilise it. Most of the services require you to upload the document which you wish to check and run a scan on it. Wait for the results and voila! You’re done.

When it is best to do it?

Check the final version of your document before handing it in. If, however, your document is very large in scale and size – check it every once in a while, to see whether you are keeping things on track. But with most cases, checking before the deadline or just with inches left to completion is best.