Why iPhone 7 32GB is Likely not Enough?

Last September, Apple at last gave up with its awful 16GB model in its iPhone series. Beginning from the iPhone 7, Apple gives you the options of 32GB, 128GB and the enormous 25GB.

Even the iPhone SE has hit the low storage custom with Apple off lately doubling its base storage to 32GB. For a person who loves to order the latest wares of Apple, which model should you buy? Just have a look!!

Is 32GB enough for iPhone 7? Well, if you own a 16GB iPhone, you possibly bear the headache of a continuous message alert that your iPhone’s storage is full! This is the reason why Google released that funny Google photos commercial which makes fun of the low storage iPhone models, without actually naming iPhone.

You may be prompt to automatically select the 32GB, since it is marked the similar price as the previous year 16GB model. But still the question lays here: is 32GB enough for iPhone 7? Odds are, no, it is surely not!

How often do you get time to delete photos, apps, messages, videos and other conversations? Now, think about the new Memories feature in the photo app and the revision of the Messages app may lead to accumulation of more data which you wish to keep around. Then you have the Apple music playlist to download and listen songs offline, the Netflix video downloads, high resolution images and 4K videos. Add all these and your 32GB will be like 16GB all over again.

However, if you have never cleared space from your 16GB iPhone, then the 32GB is just the perfect phone for you.

128GB is just the right choice

In the beginning, 128GB may be a little over because it is 8 times the amount of space a 16GB iPhone has. Though previously it was considered as a lavish amount of storage, but now it is one of the most perfect spot on purchase for people. It gives enough storage to keep a good collection of music library, photos and videos, without forcefully picking and choosing from your collection

If you take a lot of photos and love to record videos, the 128GB ensures that you never run out of storage.

Do you need 256GB?

If you consider your iPhone as your lifeline to the world, hold all your important documents, movies, photos, songs, applications and games, then it is the 256GB that you should actually go for. It will never fill your phone and give you enough to storage for all the things you wish to store.

Yes, 256GB can hold a great amount of movies for long flights and journeys and all your documents for presentation can be also stored in it.

You do not have the luxury to add a memory card

Do not forget… Apple doesn’t provide you an expandable storage option, so what you purchase now will remain with for around two years from now. Just with a little additional amount, you can upgrade and purchase 128GB rather than going for 32GB. Cause after all, it is worth the price avoiding the constant headache of managing storage.