Why Include Explainer Videos to your WordPress Website – Reasons These Videos Have Gained Enough Popularity

Many online buyers today prefer visiting YouTube prior to buying something to see how it is used. Explainer videos can help your prospects to know everything about your products through a short self-explanatory video. The video will effectively introduce your product/service, explain the way it works, and advertise its standout features.

If you are looking for a highly effective marketing tool for user engagement, explainer videos are the best option. Listed below are some proven ways to help your business benefit from an explainer video:

Foolproof Ways to Increase Conversion Rates

Your website may be enjoying decent amount of traffic on website. However, it is possible to attract few more sales regularly using explainer videos. These are specifically devised to inform prospects about what you sell and highlight the primary features offered. This will help boost overall conversion rates. A research has revealed that an explainer video included on landing page will boost conversion by around 80 per cent.

It is important to note that prospective customers landing on your website may not go through all content you have published. Having an explainer video will help them find out what you sell, why they may need it, and the cost. It serves as an elevator pitch which explains all of the prospects about services/products you sell.

Boost SEO Ranking

Google has now started displaying video content in their search results. So if you create an explainer video and upload it to your website using appropriate tags and titles, it will help you score the best position on the Google search results’ front page.

YouTube serves as the second largest search engine. Hence, it is a good idea to exploit it to its full potential via ranking for target keyword(s) using video content. Explainer videos inspire user engagement. It will keep your visitors engaged on your website for longer periods.

Ease of Sharing Across Multiple Channels

These videos are easier to share across varied digital marketing channels such as drip campaigns and email newsletters. It can also be shared across a range of modern social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Research has revealed that over five hundred million people watch videos on Facebook. Explainer videos can be placed on Email newsletters, Home page, Social media networks, Landing page, and Blog posts.

Being smaller in size, these videos are easier on mobile phone bandwidth. This is a positive feature as mobile usage has been on the rise since past few years.

Build Dynamic Brand Identity

Explainer videos let you build a powerful brand identity in a matter of few minutes. Regardless of the approach you decide to take (storyboard or highlight the primary use case setting of service or product), it provides you an opportunity for the following:

– Develop a lasting brand impression

– Establish your target audience

– Communicate brand values effectively

Top website designers prefer integration of explainer video on landing page as it helps you create a digital experience around your brand. It is a great way to establish a strong connection with your target audience right from the beginning and make them your loyal customers in future. If you are looking for a website designer so contact here: jiteshmanaktala.com

Easier Decision Making Process for Potential Clients

Research has revealed that maximum number of visitors prefer watching a video related to products than read about it. Video content offers a lot of depth and facilitates building credibility with potential clients.

The best part is that you can create a huge variety of explainer videos such as the following:

– Whiteboard animation

– 2D animation

– 3D animation

– Cutout animation video

– Motion graphics video

– Live action video

– Stop motion video

– Infographics video

–  Kinetic typography

– Screencast video

– Testimonial video

Studies reveal that online shoppers viewing demo videos are more likely to make a purchase than the non-viewers. These videos help businesses to illustrate issues faced by customers and the way the service offers practical solution.

In a Nutshell

Explainer videos provide excellent opportunity to businesses to proactively address potential queries or concerns visitors might have related to product or service sold. This in turn, significantly boosts the chances of making a sale. Some of the benefits of having an explainer video on website include a boost in conversion rates, enhanced SEO ranking, easier to share across multiple channels, ability to build a dynamic brand identity, and simplifying decision-making process for prospective clients.