Guide to Synchronizing Softwares like SyncMate

In this age, almost everyone owns multiple devices, and most likely they have Mac and Android as their platform. Both of the platforms have heightened their features, and they clearly keep on doing it every month. But none of them seem to acknowledge the multiple devices that a person may own and doesn’t have features to sync between the two platforms. Android did have an app called Android File Transfer, but it hasn’t got any updates since 2012. So, the users are in need of software that will help them connect their devices.

What should synchronizing software have?

Synchronizing software will essentially be tools that help in syncing the files and data of one device with another, in this case of Mac with Android. The software allows you to transfer everything like Calender, Folders, Media Files, Memos and even contacts to help the user keep track on both the devices. There is much software like SyncMate, double twist, AirDroid, etc.

Features of SyncMate:

SyncMate is quite known among technology savvy people and let us see some of the things that it offers.

  • SyncMate helps Android file transfer for Mac drive, which helps in accessing your Mac device. It also helps in easy transfer of files between the devices.
  • The software comes with a Finder app which is useful in copying bulk files and for the creation of new folders.
  • One of the best features of SyncMate is its ability to sync contacts and calendars which are quite important and also lets you keep up with events on both the devices.
  • If you are a fan of music and have a customize iTunes then with SyncMate you can easily access them on your Android device and even manage it on the device.
  • Media is quite important to us as we are always taking photos, videos and listening to music. The syncing of media files allows us to be close to the photos and other media files always irrespective of which device we are using.
  • SyncMate also lets you text using your Mac device, and you can schedule it for a sync at any time.

SyncMate is quite known among many and knowing SyncMate, Android file transfer for Mac for you will also be helpful if you need synchronizing software. If you want to know more then, you can definitely check out the site.