GoDaddy Coupons: Make the Move from Shared to VPS Hosting more Affordable

When Should I Change from Shared to VPS Hosting?

It is time for a VPS hosting plan if your shared hosting plan is no longer adequate for your site’s needs. The decision will also be the best thing for you if you are seeking greater control over your hosting arrangement. When you use VPS hosting, particularly managed and fully managed options, you will get root access to PHP and Apache. Installation of an SSL certificate and other software is also easier with VPS. Best of all, you will have the option of adjusting your server settings to get a configuration that works best for your site. 

How do you Move Webhosting from Shared to VPS Hosting on GoDaddy?

Actually, moving from a shared web hosting plan to VPS hosting is easy and fast. On your cPanel, you just have to choose the one-click migration option and your sites will be exported to VPS hosting. After that, you only need re-direct DNS. If you are not up to it you can always use the company’s paid migration service. However, the task of migrating applications and data to your VPS server falls entirely on you. 

GoDaddy’s 4 VPS Linux Plans and GoDaddy Coupons 

GoDaddy’s Linux VPS Plans

GoDaddy gives its users a choice of four managed VPS hosting plans. The cheapest, the Economy Plan, can cost you as little as $17.99, while the Ultimate Plan, which is suitable for business web hosting, can cost as little as $39.99 a month. The Value Plan goes for $21.99, and the Deluxe Plan is worth $26.99. 

Each plan’s cost is indicative of the amount of memory and storage you will get as you host your site with GoDaddy. Take the Economy Plan, for instance; you will get access to 1 GB memory and 40 GB storage. But with the Value Plan, worth $4 more, you get a 2 GB memory and a 60 GB storage. Similarly, when you pay for the Deluxe Plan, you will have access to a 4 GB of memory and a 120 GB storage. Finally, the Ultimate Plan gives you an 8 GB memory and a storage of 240 GB.

Each plan comes with unmetered bandwidth, a free SSL certificate for a year, as well as 3 dedicated IPs. The unmetered bandwidth is available to you as long as you don’t use the feature in a way that impacts the performance, uptime or the stability of the servers. 

GoDaddy Coupon Codes

Despite having highly affordable VPS hosting plans among other affordable products, GoDaddy also lets its users, both new and existing; enjoy heavy discounts with the help of its discount codes. With some GoDaddy discount codes, you can get up to over 50% off the products you purchase from the hosting company. You can find the latest GoDaddy coupon codes online on WikiGains. Examples of codes you can use to get money off GoDaddy hosting products include:

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CJC795DOM – The coupon code will let you renew your .com domain name for just $8.
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cjc4c – Get a 60% discount when buying .com domains