How to Get a HostMonster Coupon on Your Shared Hosting Order

In this article, provided by, we look at HostMoster’s shared hosting features, technical specifications and show you how to get a HostMonster promotional offer on your order.

HostMonster is sister company of Bluehost, owned by Endurance International Group.

Shared Hosting Plans by HostMonster

HostMonster offers a choice of four shared hosting plans.

  1. BASIC

Worth $4.95 a month, this plan offers 50 GB of website space, unmetered bandwidth, standard performance, 1 included domain, 5 parked domains, 5 email accounts, and 25 sub domains. You will also get 100 MBs for every email account.

  1. PLUS

The PLUS shared hosting plan costs $6.95 a month. The plan will give you 150 GB of website space, 20 parked domains and 50 sub domains, as well as 100 email accounts, each with storage of 500 MBs. This plan will also give you unmetered bandwidth and standard performance. You will also get marketing offers worth $150 and extras valued at $24 a year; as well as spam prevention.

  1. PRIME

Worth $6.95 a month, this plan has all the features in the PLUS shared hosting plan and more. Other features include privacy protection for 1 domain and backup protection (Site BackUp Pro). Furthermore, websites, email accounts and storage, as well as parked domains and sub-domains are unlimited under this plan. Over $80 a year in extras and $200 in marketing offers are also available under this plan.

  1. Go PRO

This plan, which costs $14.95 a month, has all the features present in the PRIME plan. However, in place of standard performance, you will get a high performance. Other premium features on this plan include a dedicated IP server, and an SSL Certificate.

How to apply a HostMonster discount code on your order

Once you select one of the above shared hosting plans that best matches your requirements you will proceed at checkout. At the time of writing this review, HostMonster has a one-page checkout where you fill in your details, select your hosting term (12 months to 36 months) and then enter your credit card details. There is no coupon field to enter a HostMonster promo code. However, if you attempt to click the back button, as if you pretend that you abandon the shopping cart, then a pop up will come up offering you a deal. If, for example, you have selected the Basic Plan for $4.95, the pop up will offer you the same plan for $3.49, plus Free Site Back Up Pro. So what is normally $7.99 costs you $3.49. This is 55% off on HostMonster Basic Shared Hosting plan.

What “Site Backup Pro” is, and Why You Need It

Basically, Site Backup Pro is a feature that saves website files and SQL dumps on a regular basis to a local PC or the cloud. It offers multiplatform compatibility, and it can work on both small and large sites. Other benefits of this plan include backup scheduling, secure connectivity, diverse database support, and flexible configuration options.

The feature also supports various kinds of software, including scrips, CMS and programming SDKs. While using this feature, you will also get access to detailed backup statistics and other important reports.

Site Backup Pro is a very important feature; and HostMonster will give it to you for free when you pay for the PRIME and the Go PRO shared hosting plans. But if you want it when getting a BASIC or a PLUS plan, you will have to pay $2.99, unless you use the “trick” mentioned above to have a coupon applied on your order which will give you Site Backup Pro free of charge.


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