GEA Offers Technology Driven Sensor Based Portable Security System

In this modern era, technology has taken a giant leap. With the rising number of vulnerable and suspicious activities in or around the home and office, hi-tech security systems have been discovered to ensure optimum level of protection. GEA, an experienced and professional security systems provider in Melbourne, Australia offers a huge line-up of revolutionary and innovative security systems for all types of residential, commercial and industrial setups. With over 25 years of experience in providing best security solutions and products in Eltham, Melbourne and Victoria, the company has become a household name in prominent cities of Australia.
The company broadly offers 4 security products that are latest and ensure highest level of security to all types of spaces.

  • Security Alarms: Alarm systems keep you updated about all types of threats in or around your home or office. There are many types of threats such as fire, gas leak, robbers threat etc. With the help of security alarm, one can become alert and the report is instantly transferred to the monitoring department for an immediate action. They are usually installed on doors and windows to alert you about any kind of suspicious activity. There are various sounds and pass codes that you can use in order to protect your children, offices and industries. They can easily be handled by all age groups and GEA offers complete information and installation of the system.
  • Security Cameras: CCTV and IP cameras have revolutionised the security world. They are best in monitoring and tracking people inside and outside your homes, offices and industries. For full proof security, it is the best security system as it offers full proof security to them. GEA offers latest and technology driven cameras including dome cameras, hidden cameras, video recording and monitoring services and many more types of cameras for all types of spaces. The company also offers monitoring services at cheapest rates to ensure maximum safety for customers.
  • Sensor based security devices: Sensor based security devices have become rage among people. They are mostly used for intrusions and avoid environmental hazards. There are some important sensors such as carbon monoxide detectors, door and window sensors, glass-breaking sensors, smoke detectors and many more. Just make sure to install them at the right places where your children spend most of their time.
  • Access Control System: Those who don’t want anyone to enter inside their home or office without taking permission can take help of access control systems. Nowadays they are mostly used in offices or commercial places, still they are also very popular among home owners. Most of the homeowners install them for the safety of their children at home or important areas in offices. One can choose access control system to permit only limited number of people to come inside.

Apart from that, the company offers complete installation services and monitoring packages for all types of setups and spaces to ensure complete safety package to customers. More on to visit