Gadgets to Keep Your Home Safe From Intruders

The advancement in technology has revolutionized the way people secure their properties. The market presents a range of high-end security devices featuring cutting-edge techniques to ensure exceptional user experience.

Manufacturers of security devices have always strived to be a step ahead of burglars and trespassers, and thanks to the latest innovation, they are successful. Today, there are plenty of ways for property owners to ensure the safety of their valuables. In this article, we highlight some of the technologies used to keep burglars away.

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The camera has changed the way security is implemented at home and having them on your property can scare the burglars away. Installation of cameras should be done in the indoors and outdoors because they each have their own merits. The outdoor camera is an immediate deterrent to burglars and gives the likely attacker an overall visual reference of your home’s security setup. The indoor security camera should be smaller and hidden to counter a thief who has somehow managed to break-in to the house.

Motion Light Sensors

Light sensors are a sure way of protecting your home from theft. Robbers who thrive in darkness are in for a rude shock when they trigger the light bulbs by trespassing. Any slight movement activates motion sensors. Motion light sensors are very effective and could explain the reduced burglary rate over the past few years. Another way of luring a would-be burglar is by letting them go as close as the door, and once there is a knock or if the knob is touched, lights will automatically turn on. Some advanced light bulbs can be scheduled to turn on and off when you are not at home. Some light bulb sensors have built-in microphones that can pick the sound of a doorbell.[U1]

Facial and Fingerprint Detection

For maximum security of your home, try the facial or fingerprint detection, which are virtually impossible to hack. Using door locks that with biometric controls will automatically close the door when left open; this feature completely discourages the burglar. Security camera with facial recognition features is the ultimate burglar proof that cannot be bypassed by anyone apart from the recognised faces. With such installations, your assets are protected from potential theft.

Both of these two features can be integrated into the access controls to offer a combined foolproof system to cater to all your home security needs.

Using Smart Locks

Smart door locks are some of the most advanced access control feature for homes and business. Sensors like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can lock and unlock the door as long the authorised user or devices are within proximity. The good thing about smart lock is the ability to lock and unlock through your favourite wireless device remotely. Intelligent locks have additional features such as security codes and cameras that will only let you in if you are authorized to go inside.

As evident, technology has elevated the manner in which we secure our homes. However, you’ll need to make several considerations before picking the right security mechanism that will work within your home to effectively prevent your property from being robbed.