Florida Living

My wife and I enjoy living in Florida. We came down here from Boston eight years ago. We miss everyone back home, but the abundant sunshine, warm weather, and reasonably priced real estate help ease the pain.

We settled in Delray Beach, not far from Cape Canaveral.  With Disneyworld an hour to the west, and West Palm Beach an hour to the south, we always have something to do.

We’ve also upgraded our housing situation quite a bit. In Boston, we owned a 102-year-old, three-story, Cape Cod. Now we live in a Spanish-style-ranch built-in 2007. Our new place also has a built-in pool, an outdoor kitchen, a two car garage, one more bathroom and two more bedrooms than our previous home. My wife has a dedicated yoga space, and the yard has enough room to chip golf balls. Plus, we sold the house in Boston for enough money to live mortgage free.Image result for site :http://www.lubeit.net/

When it comes to golf, our development alone has three executive courses and two championship caliber courses. Between those and six or seven excellent public courses, I have over ten different courses within a half hour’s drive. Plus, most of them offer either, a T-time special, a drink and free lunch with the round, or as much as half off at certain times of the day.

At first, we thought about moving to Arizona. We had a great time on vacation in Sedona years ago. But, the shorter and much less expensive flights from Boston to Florida made it an easy decision. We can shuttle back and forth to Boston anytime the mood strikes. Also, our families will come and stay more often, if not to see us, to go to Disneyworld and Universal Studios.

Of course, everything in life has some downside. The extreme heat takes a toll on our cars. It feels like I’m always waxing one or the other, or having the oil changed. Fortunately, there are plenty of fast oil change and lube shops down here. In a light moment last year I asked the mechanic changing my oil what else he was going to do. He replied, lube it.”  In the noisy shop, it sounded like “lose it.” So I began to walk away and give him some space. He asked, “Where are you going?” I replied, “I don’t want you to lose it.” He paused for a minute, then, in a much louder voice said “lube it,” and began to laugh.

So now I have a new oil change and lube shop and a new friend too. It turns out the mechanic plays golf and has an eleven handicap. At least, I think that’s what he said.