Five Amazing Tips for a Successful Google AdWords Campaign in 2018

Google AdWords is an effective marketing tool that places brands and services at the threshold of a buyer’s journey. In fact, businesses that have used Google AdWords in the past have reported an average revenue of $2 for every single dollar invested in the campaign.

Google AdWords come with multiple settings, and the nuances required to use this tool can be slightly overwhelming for beginners. Here is a list of tips to help business owners understand Google AdWords better and enjoy higher ROI in 2018.

Tip 1

Focus more on the Ad Copy

The content and images used in the Ad Copy play a very important role in attracting potential clients. Create several content formats and track the progress of each idea separately. This will allow you to identify the most effective Ad Copy and adopt it across the entire advertising funnel. Display campaigns with more natural looking images have been reported to perform better than ones from random stock image websites.

Tip 2

Ad Extensions allow higher visibility

To achieve a good rank, marketers must focus on four important ad elements. These include site link (a link to the content page of a website with a simple description), location (an ad with the location and map appears more enticing and even trustworthy), callout (showcase your promotions and offers) and reach out (buyers must be able to contact the business by simply clicking on a single button). Tailored ads with applicable extensions certainly offer more click-through rates.

Tip 3

Categorize the AdWords campaign based on devices

No business can succeed without customers. Understanding the evolving needs of customers helps marketers to articulate their ads better. Marketers must study the device usage report of an ad group and analyze the traffic produced by mobile users as well as laptop buyers separately. Detailed analysis of this information will help businesses in their investment decisions and will assist in creating different funnels.

Tip 4

Start with search engine networks

While AdWords are not meant for Google search network only, it is a great starting place. Google owns more than 70% of the search market share and offers a higher conversion rate when compared to display networks that pose multiple distractions to the users. Search engine networks also provide a fair knowledge about contextual keywords that can later be used for a display network.

Tip 5

Manage the negative keywords too

An ad may sometimes respond to irrelevant user queries. In order to avoid this issue and enhance ad visibility to the right audience, you should track even negative keywords. A negative keyword list must be prepared from launch to tune out all inappropriate search terms.