Fitbit Flex Reviews – Should You Buy It?

With the latest Fitbit Flex reviews, I’ve noticed that this product is wonderful in every way possible. I became infatuated with this wrist band mainly because of the many positive reviews that were floating around on Amazon. Not only is this wrist band stylish but it also does many things. For example, it can track your steps and monitor the amount of calories you burn. It’s great for just about any activity you can think of. It can also measure your distance during a workout. One of the features that I liked most about the Fitbit Flex is that it can wake you up in the morning. Say goodbye to the annoying alarm clock. Be sure to look over some of the Fitbit reviews before you decide to try this product.

For example, before you wake up, the Fitbit Flex will vibrate until you feel this and begin to awaken from your sleep. Keep in mind that the vibration you feel is not very strong so you won’t wake up in panic. Having an alarm can leave you feeling distraught and even wondering where you are in the morning. I love to wake up hearing the birds outside and this is why I leave my window open a crack. Sometimes I do not hear them though and I need some sort of movement to wake me up. I find that I always respond to movement and this is why the Fitbit wristband works so well for me.

Why you should look over Fitbit Flex reviews

Reviews online can tell you so much about a product. You should be curious how the Fitbit Flex works for other people. By doing this, you’ll know what to expect from this little wristband. Most people have posted positive reviews containing little details about the program, how to works, and even what they use it for. This can give you ideas for the type of workouts you do each day.

Another benefit of reviews is that you will be able to get information on just how well this product works. Is it a total dud or does it really work? From what I have read, I have found it does. A few weeks later when I started using the Fitbit Flex worked perfectly and has never stopped working.

Using Fitbit Flex Reviews to learn about features

I wasn’t quite sure about the list of features they had so I began to rely on Fitbit Flex reviews. This was one of the best ideas because I was able to get an insight on what really this wrist band could do. Some of the reviews had said that the wristband was able to track the cycle of your sleep and also have you sleeping better. My problem is always tossing and turning at night. Once I started using this wristband, my whole life seemed to changed. I could do just about everything I wanted without being restrained  to one machine. That means jogging and being able to find out how much I am running. For example, I became more organized. Here are a few of the features that was discussed in the Fitbit Flex reviews.

  • You can access all of your stats on your own computer or laptop. This is incredible for something so small. It can even transfer your workout data to a smart phone tablet where you can view everything.
  • Be able to track all of your steps, calories burned, and also the amount of time you are running. It even shows what your distance is and will keep this data stored.
  • Comes with special LED lights so you can see the results of your day and how close you really are to a goal you may have.
  • Acts as a silent alarm which only wakes you and not your spouse or partner. This is great if you must get up for work and they sleep during the day, only working at nights.

Fitbit Flex Reviews – What I have learned

I’ve learned so much from the Fitbit Flex reviews online. Actually, the description on Amazon wasn’t very revealing. However, this didn’t bother me as I always do my research carefully when it comes to selecting a product. Even though this comes to $153 and some change, this product is worth it. I mean, you are getting different features packed in one tiny wristband. I can tell the manufacturers put a lot of work into this and that’s why I didn’t mind paying a lot for this type of wrist band. Even the battery lasts a long time and I have never had any trouble with it.

I was very impressed that it was able to monitor how long I have slept as well. I’ve always wanted to do this but couldn’t find any products that did this. Since my work schedule is very busy, I had to find out how much sleep I was getting per day. I decided that if I wasn’t getting enough – I would cut back on my work hours. I am at a point in my life where I can work less and still make good money. I decided my health was more important than working so much.

My review vs. other Fitbit Flex Reviews

I’d have to stay that the Fitbit Flex wrist band deserves at least nine stars. One thing I forgot to mention is that it can even log food and set certain goals. You can even monitor your progress online and accept badges that you have earned. It also comes in different colors such as black, blue, navy or teal. I just got the black one because it matched with just about any outfit I had on. This thing is even waterproof which means you can wear it in the shower. Ever since the first day I got it, I have never taken it off.