Finding A Best USB Mic For Podcasting

The best usb microphone for podcasting depends on your particular needs. Podcasting is something that has gained popularity. Because of this trend there are several different usb microphones available on the market. The best product for you depends on your budget and whether or not this is a new venture for you.

Podcast Mic Budget

The best place to start when it comes to selecting the right equipment is your budget. There are several price points for the usb mic. You can purchase one for under a hundred dollars or you can purchase one that costs several hundred dollars. The more you spend the better the quality will be and more features will be available.

Podcasting – Hobby or Profession?

The next thing to consider before making your purchase is how many features you want your mic to have. If you are just starting to create podcasts you might want to start with a basic model with the fewest features. A more basic model will be easier for a beginner or a hobbyist to operate. Those who podcast as a profession will typically need more features. There are mics that integrate earphones so you can monitor your recordings while you are making them versus afterwards. A mic with earphones integrated can save a lot of time and is suggested for novice, hobbyist, or professionals.

Studio or No Studio

While professionals are wise to this aspect a novice might not understand that what kind of mic you buy depends on the environment in which you are recording. Most hobbyist and beginners do not have a dedicated studio for recording. In this situation a dynamic microphone is best. It is less sensitive to background noises, but the sacrifice is a little quality in the recording.

If you are a professional and you have a studio to record in a condenser microphone could be a better choice. A condenser mic records with more sensitivity than a dynamic mic. The result is a higher quality recording. The sacrifice here is that it will also be more sensitive to unwanted and background noise. It is important to have an environment where you can control the sound before you invest in a condenser microphone.

Why a USB Microphone?

Some might question why the best USB microphone for podcasting and not an XLR microphone. The simple answer is ease of use. The USB models allow you to simply plug them in and you are ready to start recording. An XLR mic requires more knowledge. You need to understand how to operate a USB interface or a mixer to operate the XLR version.

More equipment takes more than just added knowledge. More equipment also means more money. Just like the microphone, a mixer or USB interface come in several different quality levels and price points. There is a lot more to factor into your purchase when buying an XLR model.

Take the time to research and shop around before you make your purchase. Most importantly, consider your own budget and needs before you make the final decision.