Fast, Cheap and Code-Free: Five Remarkable Android Development Tools

If you have a whopping business idea (this can be anything from promoting and selling a product to providing a service) which you want to develop in the form of an Android mobile app, you might be straining your mind at the moment. This is because you believe you need to find a way to learn those mind-boggling codes that you think will lead to that empowering app.

However, as an Android app developer, we are glad to inform you that building a mobile app is so much easier than you think it is. There is no draining code-learning, time-consuming planning, and a lengthy process before you can start topping the charts on Google Apps. All you need to do is choose one of the following five Android development tools to help you prepare your mobile app at a low budget in a short amount of time and without any code.

  1. The Appbuilder

The Appbuilder is a unique app development tool that gives you two entirely separate options. So, you can choose whichever one you feel best fits your business plan and tactic.

The first option is to build your app through an online toolkit that provides you with set features from which you can choose as well as options to customize your app. Alternatively, you can opt for the training option which gives you an in-depth breakdown of how to tackle each section in the best possible way.

The key feature of the Appbuilder is that it enables you to constantly update the format of your app, even after your app is completed and has gone live. Regardless of the type of updates you choose to make, all the changes will be visible in your app within 60 seconds of being delivered.

  1. Good Barber

The Good Barber tool makes developing an Android mobile app easy and effortless. This is all thanks to its set design templates, icons, and fonts that allow you to build a remarkable mobile app from scratch. And, every change you make, while undertaking the structuring of your mobile app, will instantaneously be visible on the screen.

You are also given several options to make your push notifications more appealing as well as to structure your app so that it looks highly presentable by including anything from visual components (photos and videos) to audio ones (videos and different sounds). With the latter option, you will be able to make your app more engaging and fun.

  1. io

The Android app developer is a cloud-based tool that does not require installing due to its one-stop source format. Once you have gained access to the website, you just need to view all the features that the app is offering in the Appery plug-in catalog and then drag and drop the ones that you feel best suits your taste.

When using, you are also given the option of creating your app from scratch by yourself.

As an Android app developer, we can say that is one of the easier Android app development tools currently available.

  1. Appy Pie

Like, the Appy Pie Android app development tool is cloud-based and works with the drag-and-drop format, aiding you in creating a fun and engaging app which has a vivid user interface.

The native Appy Pie app enables you to merge audio and video content, social media keys, and blogs; set up and deliver push notifications; check statistics; and implement monetization on the ads in your app. However, you can also download the hybrid app (which relies exclusively on HTML5) which combines the best of the native and web apps. It thus provides you with everything the native app does, along with other features, such as having the ability to run, regardless of whether your device is connected; merging with the device’s file system and the services that are available online; and a built-in browser that provides direct access to active online content.

  1. AppMachine

The AppMachine tool comes with an exclusive toolkit that offers various features from which you can choose. So, you can choose the color, font, icons, and style of your app. The tool also uses the drag-and-drop format and gives you the option of viewing your app after every change you make.

A unique feature of AppMachine is that it gives you the opportunity to view your completed app on different devices, before going live on the app market. In this way, you will be able to issue the finalised software. In addition, it helps you promote your app and delivers user analytics just for you.

As an app developer, we are proud to say that these are the five easiest to use, most enjoyable, and least inexpensive development tools to go for when creating the Android mobile app of your dreams. So, start choosing a tool, put your app out there, and get everyone excited.