Why Educational Institutes Need a Special Internet Package

Internet today has become an integral part of the education system across the globe. The way of learning has changed as well as the teaching procedure. In schools, colleges and Universities, internet has become an inseparable part for all the students, teachers and administrative staff.

The requirement of a high-speed internet is evident in all educational institutions that comes with a decent bandwidth, to allow access to the different kinds of databases for the purpose of learning, teaching, and administrating.

Current Use of Internet in Institutions

The demand for internet access is increasing day by day in all the educational campuses as the standard of education is evolving. It needs more flexibility that can only be availed through the Internet. Today all the educational institutes like universities, colleges and schools etc., are looking forward to install a properly secured, stable internet on their campus having the facility of both wired or Wi-Fi enabled network.

It is not surprising that at this era, when almost every individual is using digital devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, iPods etc., they would like to get the maximum advantage of these gadgets in every sphere of life, especially in their field of occupation. In such a scenario a student package internet would be of utmost help to the students.

The Institutions too have realized the importance and benefits of digitalization and they have already started its implementation in multiple ways. The results, the administrative documents, information of students, teachers and Departments have all been digitalized and are made accessible online.

Some institutions are also offering online courses for students who stay abroad or far away. For them, a stable internet speed with a secure access to the database with a reduced costing is of primary importance.

Features Requirement

To be precise today internet has already reached the educational institutions, but they need a special package that can take care of the following specific requirements:

  • Internet Access to the classroom, staff room, libraries, office, hostel and every pocket of the campus.
  • A good Bandwidth Shaping, sound Hotspot Management and an effective User Solution for the Log Reports.
  • Extensive bandwidth controls to check on excessive data usage.
  • There should be a reduction in the overall cost as well as a control on bandwidth consumption.
  • The campus needs to be equipped with a wi-fi hotspot network that can be accessed by every authenticated student, faculty and staff.
  • Simultaneously, the internet service should be able to offer an option to restrict malicious logins and activities from taking place within their campus network.
  • The service providers should be able to provide different data packages for the students, faculties and for the staff as their data usage requirements would vary.

Functionality Requirement

To build up a more organised way of teaching, and a good communication between every member of the institution, the internet service should be able to support the following functionalities. It should have enough bandwidth to support software for executing the following tasks:

  • User Access and System Management
  • Captive Portal Capabilities and Active Directory
  • Internet Billing and Third-Party Integrations
  • Bandwidth, Package and Coupon Management
  • Multi-Location Institutes
  • Administrative Support
  • Reporting
  • Payment Gateway, Multiple Gateway including SMS and Load Balancing

Finally, all this should come through an attractive and ease of use admin interface.