Data Recovery from a Broken iPhone – Save Your Data and Memories

You possibly have family photos from a holiday, selfies with a cell phone, or a video of your dog when he was still a puppy. Since you bought a new iPhone, you probably also do a lot more photos and videos than on your former phone. Well, just a moment of carelessness or dumb luck and all the memories are gone. Just because, your mobile has slipped out of your hand. In addition, you’ve lost all contacts, documents, and other files. Are you angry with yourself? Enough was selfishness! The good news is that in the vast majority you can get them back. We’ll show you how. Furthermore, you can learn more if your iPhone is critically damaged.

How to recover data from your mobile

The first option for a broken iPhone is its repair. In some cases, however, your mobile service may get you more than buying a new iPhone, Samsung or other smartphone. That’s why you’re thinking that you do not want your old phone. But what about the data such as photos of your children, videos with your pets and important business contacts. You have to get them back.

 Here comes the second option. Data recovery without phone repair is a relatively frequent choice of customers with older mobile phones. Data loss can cause both hardware and software damage. We will say what to do in specific cases and what is actually a chance for data recovery. Finally, we have some tips to back up your data.

Data saving from a broken iPhone

Cracked display through which you cannot see anything. Broken back cover, a phone that cannot be turned on after falling. Those are the harder nuts. You were trying to connect your mobile phone via a USB cable to your laptop, but the connection requires permission from your sophisticated touch screen phone. In this case, unfortunately, you will not save your data from your mobile by yourself.

Based on the degree of damage, we can see if anything can be done. The success of data saving on broken phones is up to 90%. In most cases, our skilful servicemen will make you smile on your face. The remaining percentage is the worst case, a cell phone driven, a bent phone with a cracked base plate, and the like.

If you happen to be a SSD card crash, but it does seem to work, you might even have to go to the data recovery service. Learn more about this data recovery service.