Customize Your Mobile Device: Top Must-Have Apps for Android

There are so many different apps available for your phone it can be very difficult trying to decide which ones take pride of place on your home screen.

Some apps are fun but frivolous while others serve a useful purpose, so how do you sort out a way to customize your phone with the perfect balance of the right must-have apps?

Here is a look at some of the top apps that should ideally be on your radar and on your phone, including a no-brainer social media option, a portable office solution, a way to up your Instagram game, plus a suggestion for getting the music you want to listen to.

A messaging platform for all

Social media is an integral part of the way many of us communicate with each other so it makes sense that an app like Facebook messenger should probably be on your must-have list.

One of the main reasons why this app, in particular, makes the grade is that unlike other messaging platforms, this one doesn’t coerce your friends to join as well.

The vast majority of us have a Facebook account, even if you don’t use it extensively, and that means Facebook Messenger becomes easy for most of us to send private messages that work as a communication tool, plus the encryption is a good security protocol.

Instant access to your office

Google Drive gives you the chance to check a file or edit a document on the fly, so you can be working even when you are nowhere near your office base.

Not everyone is a fan of Good Drive for sure, but you can’t argue that it does offer a comprehensive mobile office suite and a great way of storing and syncing your files so you can open and edit it them whenever you want across a range of different devices.

A viable alternative to Instagram

There is no question that Instagram is insanely popular and has a band of loyal followers, but if you want to go that extra mile in terms of creativity you might want to consider adding PicsArt Photo Studio to your must-have list.

It offers you a bigger range of features, tools, and filters. Even if you are a committed fan of Instagram you can still share your PicsArt creations on that platform and wait for the enthusiastic responses from your followers.

If you are feeling a creative vibe or just feeling a bit stressed out, another useful download to consider would be the coloring book app for Android. It is specifically aimed at adults and as well as encouraging mindfulness you also get to complete some attractive and colorful creations.

Music options

Many of us love being able to listen to our favorite songs when we are out and about and your smartphone is the perfect partner for providing you with some solid music playing options.

You can use Google Play Music as an option if you want, but if you want a streaming music service that seems to know what you want to listen to and even creates playlists that are expected to tick all the right boxes for you, Spotify is hard to beat.

Android devices and Spotify seem to be made for each other, and having a reliable music streaming app is a must-have option for many of us.

Your choice of apps will be down to personal preferences of course, but there are definitely some apps that arguably should be on anyone’s must-have list.