Crucial Questions to Ask Before You Buy a New TV

In case you are planning to upgrade your TV, but simply have not had the right inspiration, the advancements in of the features in the latest sets may motivate you to buy. A major, splendid, and fresh picture with a wide viewing angle and sound so clear may just be among the new features that will impress you. Before making the purchase decision, you must ensure that you grasp all the details of the TV by asking question. Below are the most important questions you should ask before taking out the credit card, along with some answers.

What’s the right TV size?

Bigger TV screen are always not the best. It is true that Football looks great on large screens. Nevertheless, if your display is too big for the room it lives in, the viewing experience may turn to be uncomfortable. Remember, that the size of screen is typically the diagonal measurement of the screen. For example, Sony models come with different sizes which act as a variety to choose from.

What about TV viewing angles?

Viewing angles should be important consideration before purchasing a new TV. The most ideal approach to test these angles is to visit a store to see the set. Move the TV around a bit in front of a few different points to compare and contrast angles. If a bunch of friends come to watch TV at your place, you want to be sure the people sitting off to the side can see the screen and the images are not distorted.

What’s the right display refresh rate?

A TV refresh rate is simply how quick picture are redrawn on the screen and effectively portray movement. The standard refresh rate is 60Hz which happens to be adequate for most programming. However, football and other quick moving sports look better on TVs with higher refresh rates. Depending on the set model, a lower refresh rate can lead to blurry pictures when the action is very fast. Obviously, TVs with higher refresh rates are more costly. Some sets have refresh rates that are higher than 120Hz, but pointless excess for the normal customer.

What about TV sound?

It can be troublesome, if not impossible, to precisely judge TV audio quality in the middle of a busy electronics store. Online reviews can be invaluable but ensure that they are consistent across a number of trusted sites. In the case that you have a home theater system, check that any new TVs you consider are perfectly compatible with all of the audio equipment. If not compatible, do not be hesitate to visit Micromax and get the best deal for the latest audio equipment or TV sets with a great sound output.


You may have gotten an ideal of the series of questions to ask yourself before buying a TV set. Well, you need to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the set you choose to avoid unnecessary regrets in the future.