Best Spy App For Android | iOS | Windows

It is better to spy instead of being sorry!

The digital world has made everything convenient for man. Whether you need food or book, it is few clicks away. At the same time, the technology has raised concerned about cyber bullying or blackmailing. A decade ago, it was easy to judge whether someone is being bullied or not. Today, everything happens online on social media networks or websites.

So, how to keep your family safe? You need a spying application. Yes, if someone is blackmailing using the technology, so why not use the same for the opposite cause!

Now, you must be wondering about the free spy app for android. HoverWatch is the answer!


HoverWatch – Greatest Spying App For Android

Calling the HoverWAtch as best spying software won’t be an exaggeration. After reading the text, you will fall for it! No more metaphor let’s talk technically!

HoverWatch is a versatile spying app that offers advanced tracking features. To make it useful for all kinds of users, it comes with a responsive and intuitive user interface. Whether you are for PC or tablet or smartphone, HoverWatch will run smoothly. It supports platforms like Windows, Android, and Mac OS X.

Neither your kid can go to wrong place nor your employee can flee to the wrong destination! Because this spying app will give correct and accurate insights about the user’s location. Isn’t convenient? There is a lot to know more about it!

Why Should You Choose HoverWatch?

After reading this section, you will get the answer.

SMS & Call Recording

Kids never ever show personal messages to the parents. Don’t make an effort because they won’t allow. Instead, install HoverWatch. This app will track and save text messages that were received and sent from the device. Moreover, it will record all outgoing and incoming calls too.

Work Silently

HoverWatch does the advance spying but it remains hidden. The user of the target device can never notice the difference. On the other hand, you can track all activities of the user without getting noticed.


In case you have lost your mobile, find it using HoverWatch. Because this app can track down the location of target device accurately. The software does it using the nearby Wi-Fi and GPS signals.

WhatsApp & Facebook Monitoring

Kids or employees often troll people on social media like WhatsApp & Facebook. You can prevent such situations using this app. Not only you will receive the details on text messages but also the file being shared on both platforms. That includes images, audio and video files.


Refog is another player in the race. Cut to the chase, if you want a monitoring app specifically for a computer. Then, Refog is what you need!

Instead of locking the computer or restricting the resources, you must monitor the activities of kids. Because they are smarter than us. They know how to access forbidden fruit. Taking harsh reactions won’t do any good.

Refog offers you following:

  • Social media tracking
  • Monitoring of chats and voice calls on Skype, Telegram and IM apps
  • Automatic shooting of the user via webcam

When you are planning to track down any device, don’t waste money on useless apps. Instead, install HoverWatch!