Benefits of Wireless Call Light Systems

Hospitals have been working hard to solve communication challenges, improve nurse efficiency and develop a more patient-centered care system. One of the ways is through the use of wireless call light systems. These systems have been developed to provide a way nurses can communicate with patients and nurses still get real-time notifications on the status of the patient. Calling systems have been evolving over time to the point where they are now wireless. The new nurse calling systems have various benefits:

  • Nurses can be located using Real-time Location System technology used in making the system.
  • The call systems ensure there is communication flow among nurses and physicians and nurses and patients.
  • The systems increase the level of patient care by providing information and facilitating a faster response time.
  • The systems are compatible, and they can be integrated with other hospital devices. When the devices are integrated with heart monitors and other hospital devices, nurses can know as soon as a patient becomes critical.
  • The push button stations can easily be installed at the desired locations ensuring patients are safe everywhere they go.
  • The systems are affordable, convenient and dependable. They are discreet relieving nurses of the constant beeping of pagers.  
  • The systems are efficient and have a wider range due to the presence of a strong battery compared to older models. In case the battery runs low, users get notified of the deficiency.
  • The call systems have many features that make it useful for more than one purpose. These features include call ranking according to the importance, compatibility with different types of software, and alarm reset options among others.
  • The presence of computer dashboards ensures relevant information like room status, nurse location, patient information and current staff distribution are made available at all times.
  • The systems improve safety since they give information when staff members have wandered off and if they are in trouble. The locating system will show where they are making it easier to provide assistance.
  • The systems make it possible for workflow solutions to be provided. Through observing the nurses, relevant changes can be made to improve efficiency at the workplace. Nurses can also get updated on the status of patients during the entire shift. Relevant information can be passed to all the members of staff easily since they can get the updates wherever they are.

The use of wireless call light systems empowers nurses and other healthcare personnel to improve the efficiency of the entire systems. Through using them, patient care has improved without having to increase the operational costs. The call systems are leading the way in improving the healthcare industry at all stages.